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“Beowulf” vs “The 13th Warrior” Comparison Sample

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Beowulf and the 13th Warrior are two narratives that are centered around the Anglo-saxon civilization and even though they have many things in common. there are a few key differences to the narratives. These are two great narratives that portray the Anglo-saxon civilization really good. The two narratives both show good and evil. different comrades. and how they memorialize the dead. The written narrative. Beowulf. can merely depict some of the gruesome inside informations. The film nevertheless brought out some of those inside informations into full visible radiation.

Such as. when the North Men pass around their “community bowl. ” It does non look immensely surprising if that had really occurred in the barbarian civilization. Even though the Anglo-saxon people seem barbaric they are still rather an organized civilization.

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“Beowulf” vs “The 13th Warrior” Comparison Sample
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Beowulf is rather different in how it portrays good and evil than its opposite number 13th Warrior. In Beowulf from the get downing it is really clearly defined who the hero is traveling to be.

Beowulf ever knows precisely what sort of immorality he is traveling up against every clip he fought. The people had told Beowulf about Grendel. Grendel’s ma and the firedrake. This is instead different in the 13th Warrior. In 13th Warrior Ahmad doesn’t even desire to travel on an escapade. and even when he is called upon by the north work forces to travel aid king Hrogarth. When Ahmad gets Denmark he does non even cognize what he is supposed to be contending. He is called at that place to speak after all. non fight.

Beowulf’s comrades are nowhere near every bit capable as Ahmad’s. Beowulf gives his fellow comrades all their equipment and has brought them from the underside up. Beowulf’s fellow warriors ever tag along during his escapades. but when he needs them the most in his concluding conflict. they all run except for one. Wiglaf is able to complete off the firedrake. but non before it kills Beowulf. In 13th warrior. the comrades of Ahmad are highly strong both physically and mentally. In the film one of the warriors got their caput ripped clean off and it did non even faze the other warriors. In modern twenty-four hours. even in combat this would be a immense psychological factor to see one of your fellow comrades acquire his caput ripped off. but in this conflict the other soldiers kept contending like nil had happened. All of the warriors would all battle and dice for each other as some of them did throughout the films. The same could non be said about Beowulf and his “friends. ”

There are a batch of similarities in Beowulf and the 13th warrior in how they memorialized the dead. In Beowulf after Beowulf dies he leaves the throne to Wiglaf who is said to be one of the last great geats. Before Beowulf died he wished for a great commemoration to be built in his award. This is highly of import in the Anglo-saxon civilization because with a commemoration he could populate everlastingly through memories. Beowulf is cremated and had his ashes along with the great hoarded wealth he had collected from holding the firedrake killed inside the memorial. In the 13th warrior. Bulwyne is one of the better warriors and died in the concluding conflict of the film. Bulwyne wanted to decease like a male monarch and got his want. at the terminal of the conflict he with the Wendols. he is seen sitting on the throne. He is besides cremated like Beowulf.

These are great narratives that portray the Anglo-saxon civilization rather good. The film truly brought out some of the item that the narrative merely could needfully portray. The 13th Warrior and Beowulf have many things to compare and contrast. nevertheless the comparings between good and evil. different comrades. and how they memorialize the dead stuck out the most. The Anglo-saxon people are a strong and brave people that had genuinely epic values. The narrative and film truly brought out the true Anglo-saxons.

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