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This has been the 4th twelvemonth in a row where Fortune Magazine has ranked Google as the best company to work for. After reexamining a description of their work environment. the elements that I identify that appear to further employee motive and group coherence among employees are as follows: First of all the company has been known for keeping a laid dorsum and easy traveling corporate environment. This company believes that you do non needfully hold to be have oning a suit in order to be taken earnestly. Besides known as “Googleplex” . the website points out that they have a bowling back street. bocci tribunals. and 25 coffeehouse company- broad so that their employees are ne’er over one hundred and 50 pess off from a well stocked larder. Even if you are non at the top of this company. you are still able to profit success financially. for illustration Google package applied scientists are paid above any mean package applied scientists at other companies. “Google insists that its employees feel portion of the organisation. and do that clear by stressing its inventions. from its wellness and retirement programs. to its flexible and generous programming options for holiday and pregnancy leave. and even free wash installations.

Google’s workers systematically point out how much clip they spend at work. but merely as systematically identify it as one of the best companies to work for in the United States” . ( Losh. 2011 ) Another company listed as one of the best companies to work for was Microsoft. It has been said that Microsoft might be making excessively good of a occupation of actuating its employees because each group is given a morale budget to make whatever they want with it. Some groups go skiing. bowling. or have cookouts. Some groups rent private theaters to watch their favourite films. while others make jerseies. Like Google. Microsoft besides plans to put in a washer and drier in the installation so that their employees would non hold to travel place to make their wash. It is clear that employees at this company happen it normal to work from 10 to 18 hours a twenty-four hours comfortably. even populating in their offices for hebdomads at a clip. Microsoft besides trusts their employees to enroll other employees that they deem to be the best people possible to determine their company. “Microsoft is a company with a batch of trust they put into their employees to do them experience needed. and it’s truly simple. A simple thought that creates one of the top companies in the universe the best topographic point to work for” . ( Fisher. 2011 ) Another company rated as one of the best companies to work for is Deloitte.

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This adviser house that offers audit. revenue enhancement. and hazard direction services to clients around the universe employs over 56. 000 workers. Deloitte empowers its employees through originative and revenue enhancement effectual compensation programs and benefits that are cardinal to the motive and keeping of employees. Deloitte has a axial rotation out program and retirement programs coupled with pensions that are cardinal to the quality of life during the retirement old ages. Harmonizing to Fortune. which rates Deloitte as one of its 100 Best Companies to Work For. ”the mean wage for a Senior Consultant. the most common place at the company. is more than $ 86. 000. The company has received awards for military hiring. LGBT equality and women’s advancement” ( Fortune Magazine article. 2012 ) . One factor these companies have in common is that they have been able to Outdo PLACES TO Work 5 market themselves as really advanced and they have extremely regarded workplace environments.


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