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In The Chaser,” Alan Austen seeks out an older man who sells magical elixirs and poisons. Alan purchases a love potion, which initially makes his lover dote on him incessantly, but eventually becomes suffocating. He returns to the old man to buy an undetectable poison, which the old man expected. He knows that love potion customers eventually realize that they don’t want or need everlasting love and come back for a chaser to wash away the harsh reality.”

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The Chaser, also known as a beer or soda, is a drink consumed after a shot of whiskey or hard liquor to alleviate its harsh taste. Alan Austen is a young man in search of a mystical potion and seeks aid from an older gentleman who specializes in these elixirs, including poisons.

The old man has an expensive, undetectable poison for sale. However, Alan is more interested in a love potion that is affordable. Despite being innocent and hopeful, Alan decides to purchase the love potion. This potion functions similarly to whiskey, leaving the person intoxicated with love. Initially, Alan is delighted with the constant adoration from his partner and enjoys being the focus of their universe. However, as time goes on, his enjoyment fades and he becomes less tolerant. Alan desires and requires a break from this ideal love that he himself brought into existence.

The lover’s undying passion, originally sought after by Alan, has only led to contempt. He feels suffocated and desires relief. Returning to Pell Street, he buys the tasteless, colorless, and untraceable poison he was already offered. The old man anticipates Alan’s return, having encountered numerous naive young individuals like him who yearn for everlasting love and adoration from their partners.

The elderly man, who was wise and somewhat cynical, had witnessed the cycle numerous times before. He understood that once Alan consumed the potion, he would experience a temporary infatuation that would ultimately leave him feeling suffocated. Alan and others like him often obtained their deepest desires, only to discover that it wasn’t truly what they desired or required. Consequently, those who bought the love potion always ended up returning for the chaser. This subsequent potion served to alleviate the bitter pain of their harsh reality.

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