Boston Terrier – True All-American Canis Familiaris Strain

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How many of you have a Canis familiaris as a pet? Americans are widely known for their love for pets. peculiarly Canis familiariss. There are many strains of Canis familiariss. yet merely 1 has been nicknamed the “American Gentleman” for over a hundred old ages.

The Boston terrier is considered a true all-American Canis familiaris strain and one of the most popular Canis familiariss. which history. physical visual aspect. alone personality and soft temperament make him “the American Gentleman” .

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The Boston is a small dog with a short square muzzle and straight ears, strong and well muscled. The eyes are rather large, round and set wide apart. The short coat of the Boston Terrier comes in a variety of colors, including tabby and white, as well as black with white markings. For full details, see the description of the breed standards. The height of an adult Boston Terrier is 38-43 cm. The weight should never exceed 11.5 kg. These dogs are divided into three groups depending on their weight. The weight of a dog is considered to be light up to 6.8 kg, the average weight is from 6.8 kg to 9.1 kg, the heavy weight is from 9.1 to 11.5 kg.

The Boston Terrier breed appeared in the 19th century. Initially, the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier were crossed. As a result of additional selection, the breed was further developed. This happened around 1893. The breeds used for further crossbreeding are the English Bull Terrier, Boxer and Pit Bull Terrier, along with other types of terriers. Initially, the Boston Terrier weighed over 20 kg. However, as the breed progressed, the dog gradually became smaller and eventually reached the size we know today.

The Boston Terrier is a lively, cheerful dog that can be quite determined and willful. She usually gets along well with children and loves to play. However, during the game it can become uncontrollable. Therefore, it is important that the games are not too rough: the dog can be prone to diseases, especially eye diseases. Boston Terriers enjoy the company of people and make loving pets and excellent watchdogs.

They may be small dogs, but they don’t seem to know about it! These dogs have a bright personality and often make a lot of noise. They make great companions for people who love to explore, dig, think fast, and have a lot of fun. Despite their size, they need a lot of physical activity and stimulation. It is also necessary to provide an outlet for their need to tear, tear, drag and chew something. Despite careful training, they can get along with their own cats, but can be unfriendly towards other cats or small furry animals.

Due to the flat muzzle structure of the Boston Terrier, serious airway problems and breathing difficulties can occur. Like many other breeds, these dogs are prone to many hereditary eye diseases. and may also suffer from kneecap problems that may temporarily slip out of place (patella luxation).

It is believed that dogs usually get along well with children. However, dogs and children must learn to get along with each other, respect each other and feel safe being together. In any case, small children should not be left alone with the dog – adults must control all interactions between them.


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