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Stress and Strain Undergone by Teenagers

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Stress Undergone By Teenagers! Schoolwork stresses most teens at one point or another. The pressure to perform well in classes determines future opportunities. For students who aren’t naturally gifted in certain subjects, like math or science, getting good grades can be an intense struggle, to the point where simple assignments are stressful and exams even more . When an adult works a job, he typically does something he is skilled at and trained for, but teens must often complete tasks in subjects that they dislike or find hard to grasp.

Parents have higher expectations from us. this is another common source of stress.

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Stress and Strain Undergone by Teenagers
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They expect us to get good grades .. Usually, teens want to please their parents, even if they act rebellious from time to time. And Another thing could be social life . As teenagers attempt to navigate through the schools social hierarchy, they may feel self-doubt if they don’t achieve a certain level of popularity. Being popular can become the holy grail of a teenagers life.

So enticing is the idea of being liked and accepted by desirable peers that teens often believe that becoming popular will solve many of life’s problems. To be popular is to be happy – or so may teens believe .

Just because they want themselves to be popular they start to care about how they look ,what they wear ,knowing what is cool and keeping up with the latest Gossip. Keeping everything on mind takes alot and causes stress and strain in a teens mind. Having no time , not being able to keep up, lack of sleep , doing two things at once can cause a lot of Workload. Most of them feel stress at home because of family pressures and problems. Some parents often fight infront of their children which can cause a bad impact on them. Consider the impact on your teen if they have gone through all of these could affect the quality of their life.

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