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Bridging Leadership, An insight

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The 3 most important insights I have learned from bridging leadership is that first you have to be genuine in relating to people and you have to conduct yourself in a trustworthy manner so you can get their confidence as well. If they believe in us, we can get their cooperation in implementing our programs for development. Another important thing I have learned is that, we really have to get in touch of ourselves, look back on our lives and reflect on our purpose.

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Bridging Leadership, An insight
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Once we knew what that is, it will be a driving force for us to get going and not to stop despite the frustrations until we have achieved our purpose. Third is we need to build networks. We don’t have all the resources so we have to capitalize on our capability in bridging connections, find people who share the same vision with us and make ways for both parties to meet each of their purpose.

Bridging leadership framework can address inequities through responsive dialog with different stakeholders and coming up with a shared decision. In dealing with problems, we must consider what each stakeholder has and has not done that contributed to the problem It is important that all stakeholders work together so that they will have a common understanding and ownership of the problem.

These learnings can be shared with the local health board and mho staff and the same approach that we have done in the activity can be applied in coming up with a solution to the problem.

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