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Business Assignment Executive summary

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This Business report is about the types of internal and external influences of businesses in Australia. This business report will include the external and internal influences in a business. What are internal and external influences? Internal and externals influences are the factors that affect the business in some way. Geographical, social, technological, political are some examples of external influences, these are the factors that affect a business outside of the company.

Factors such as location, management, resources and business culture re the internal influences that affect a business, these usually occur inside the company.

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Business Assignment Executive summary
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How do they affect the business? These influences can have a positive and negative affect to the company, they are able to determine whether a business is successful or unsuccessful.

For example the internal influence “location” can affect the companies sales because if they locate their company in a bad position then consumers aren’t able to find their company and not buy their products however if they locate it in a good area hey are able to grab the attention of consumers and boost their sales as they will buy their products.

These influences allow the companies to become further enhanced and successful.

Example of these influences “Santa Sale Act” is an example of a political influence as the federal government announced plans in Match to remove foreign ownership restrictions to the Santa Sale Act, after the airline announced 5000 job cuts. The article “SST. George, biggest improvement in financial conditions for Australians in two decades” Sydney, 20 January 2013 – The quarterly SST. George-Melbourne Institute

Household Financial Conditions Report released today reveals the biggest annual improvement in financial conditions for Australian households since the survey first launched nearly 20 years ago. This is an example of a financial influence. Conclusion In conclusion, internal and external influences can made a big difference into the business industry as these factors can result to success or failure.

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