Effective organizational administration

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Role of Wellington City Council provides a comprehensive library service through a outwork of libraries consisting of a Central Library and eleven branch libraries. Wellington City Libraries currently issues over 3 million items per annum to 142,000 active registered customers. The provision of library services is a core Council service. Wellington City Libraries is a business unit reporting to the Director of Community Services. It contributes to the vision and outcomes for Wellington as set out in the Council’s Strategic Plan, particularly in the areas of education, information and recreation services.

The focus of library service has changed from being collection based to being customer focused. The Libraries will continue to develop valuated services, new information sources and enhanced technology to achieve better service. The libraries are also focusing on stretch goals, new business opportunities, partnerships and sponsorship. The vision of the Wellington City Libraries is: Our library is a vibrant destination connecting with communities to spark imagination and discovery.

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Our Mission statement is: To impress customers with entertaining and informative library experiences Purpose of Role: The Team Member, Business Unit Administrator, although based at the Central Library, is especially required to have a network wide focus and may be required to work across the total library network in a number of positions over time. The Business Unit Administrator will be allocated responsibilities on a regular cyclical basis and will contribute to achieving tactical objective outcomes.

The Team Member is accountable for the provision Of efficient and effective organizational administration to achieve Council’s strategic outcomes, business goals and objectives. Specifically the Business Unit Administrator’s responsibilities are: Manage the payroll and provide administrative support for recruitment and human resources. C] Provide administrative support for all financial transactions. њ Manage the procurement process and provide procurement support for all purchasing and invoicing of goods and services C] Provide professional Executive Assistant support to the Libraries Manager. Provide quality customer service and facilitate communication with internal/ external customers, visitors and colleagues of the Business Unit. 0 Contribute administrative or financial knowledge and expertise to inter and mantra-group activities and projects L] Contribute to the development of a strong team morale within the home team. C] Identify and report on opportunities for improving administration, business practice and revenue C] Create and manage electronic and paper filing systems for the efficient storage and retrieval of information.

Delegated authority to spend to the financial level agreed in tactical objectives. C] Fulfill the Business Unit’s obligations relating to Council’s statutory requirements. Contribute to the seven day a week operation of the Business unit C Reports to: Strategic Business Advisor Direct Reports: INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS: Internal: External: Libraries Business Unit Manager Libraries Leadership Team Coaches WAC Team Members WAC Staff from other Business Units e. G.

Publication & Design, the Mailbox, Financial Transactions Bureau, Cooperation’s, the pay Office, Corporate Communications and HER Vendors, suppliers and WAC contractors Members of the public and other stakeholder groups. National and International professional contacts, including LIANA, Association of Public Library Managers, Regional Library Managers, Public Libraries Association (LISA), ALAI (Australia) ND the National Librarian and her management team.

Library Customers ALIGN and SOLOS AS Businesses and sponsors Community groups and Residents Associations. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES Human Resources and Payroll Administration – To manage the Business Unit’s Payroll, and to provide administrative support for the Libraries Business Unit in all aspects of recruitment and human resources. The tasks include: 0 Enter salaries and wages into the Payroll on a fortnightly basis C Manage leave administration for the Business Unit C] Provide HER advice, in association with HER Portfolio Team Leaders

Administer all aspects of recruitment, resignations and retirement 0 Administer salary and wages increases, reviews and backpacks; calculation Of final pays to required audit standard C] Act as the primary contact between WAC HER and Payroll, and the Libraries Business Unit management and team members. L] Set up withholding tax payments for presenters / entertainers Financial Administration – To provide administrative support for the Libraries’ Business unit with all financial transactions. Manage daily financial reconciliation and banking procedures for the Business Unit in accordance with WAC audit requirements.

Prepare daily till floats to cover seven days a week library operations D Accurately process Business unit income into the general ledger CLC Ensure that Business Unit payment and income processes fulfill Council’s obligations regarding tax legislation relating to PAYEE, GUST and withholding tax L] Provision of monthly accrual information C] Monthly reconciliation and allocation of stationery and taxi charge invoices C] Arrange monthly re-journaling of accounts C] Provide financial information to Business unit management from the Peoples system when necessary; commitment reports, queries, drilldown, urinal/purchase order information C] Take responsibility for the daily operation and trouble shooting of tills, effete terminals, public photocopiers, coin boxes and change machines at all sites Procurement Administration – To manage the procurement process and provide procurement support for the Libraries’ Business Unit for all purchasing and invoicing of goods and services The tasks include: C] Manage the procurement process for the Business Unit for all purchases which are non-collection related.

This involves identifying and liaising with vendors, placing and following up orders, developing and maintaining elaborative relationships with key vendors 0 Process invoices from suppliers, answer internal and external queries on payments D Generate all invoices (Peoples and manual) for Processor, displays, meeting room heritage, staff condiments to other organizations, and other on-going or one- off projects. Implement credit control procedures in cases of non payment L] Monthly reconciliation and allocation of procurement card purchases for Business Unit purchase card holders, producing and processing reports and checking invoices for RID compliance C] Arrange overseas payments (drafts) ND customs clearance Executive Assistant Support – to provide Executive Assistant support to the Manager, Libraries that enables the Manager to operate at maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The tasks include: C] Provide administration support for the Manager, Libraries including: taking meeting minutes, photocopying/collation of materials, collection and distribution Of business information, incoming/outgoing written communications etc. C] Answer internal and external library calls and enquiries. C] Manage the diary for the Manager, Libraries including arranging meetings, making appointments and maintaining a bring-up system for key tasks and projects. C] Schedule meetings and arrange appropriate catering for activities organized by the Manager, Libraries and the Libraries Leadership Team. Customer Service and Relationship Building – To act as point of contact for the Libraries Business unit, and facilitate communication with visitors and colleagues of the Libraries Business Unit.

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