Business Unit Essay

Criteria reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Task Page No Assessor Feedback IV Comment describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses 1 describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses 2 a describe how two businesses are organized up explain how their style of organization helps them to fulfill their purposes 3 b MI explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two contrasting organizations 2 b valuate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organization 2 c Learner declaration certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and researches are fully acknowledged - Business Unit Essay introduction. Learner Signature : Date : Scenario You have been recently in employment with MR. Inc, a financial service provider. Your organization offers ranges of financial services to different business organizations. As a junior assistant in the ‘Research and development’ department you have been asked by your senior manager, Mr.. Timothy Cumberland to perform studies and prepare a written report on local business entities.

He is specifically interested in analyzing variability of business environments among contrasting businesses in terms of their purpose, ownership, organizational structure, key stakeholders groups and overall corporate strategies. He advised you to choose a sample of two contrasting business organizations, for example, one from a large profit-oriented organization and another from small non-profit organization. However, you have been given the freedom to select alternative forms of contrasting organizations. For example, you could select a large manufacturing business and a small-scale service provider. You are required to complete below tasks in your report. Task 1: Describe the ownership structure, goals and objectives and specific features of the two organizations that you have selected for the study.

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Business Unit
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For each organization, you are required to answer the following questions: Does it belong to the public (government owned), private or not-for-profit (voluntary) sector? Is it local, national, or international? In which sector (primary, secondary or tertiary) does it operate? What are its goals and objectives, in terms of products and services? How does the business interact with its customers? This task provides evidence for Pl Task 2: a) Identify and describe the stakeholders which are influencing the activities of these organizations. You may consider customers, employees, suppliers, owners, trade unions, employer associations, local and national communities, governments. You may wish to present the results of your findings in a tabular format, if necessary.

This task provides evidence for UP b) Stakeholders can impact or be impacted by the achievement of an organization’s objectives. Explain the way in which the stakeholders are influencing the goals and objectives of these organizations. This task provides evidence for MI ) You have already identified different stakeholders or stakeholder groups of different organizations. These stakeholders influence the organization differently. Evaluate the nature and degree of the influence exerted by different stakeholders in one of your chosen organization. Use evidence from different sources. You will have to make judgments about the relative importance of different stakeholders in terms of the nature and degree of the influence they exert.

This task provides evidence for ODL Task 3: a) Each type of organization has its distinct features that distinguish it from the other types of organization. The overall organizational structures are critical or relevant for the most efficient and effective way to achieve strategic objectives. For each of these two organizations describe how the businesses are structured. Organizational chart should be used for illustration. You should also consider its purpose, what is the type of their structure, its interdependent functions, products and types of customers.

Business Unit Essay

Identify the purpose of four different business organisations Name of Business (P1 & P2)| Purpose| Two objectives | Reason for ownership and sector| Size and Number of employees| Scale| Business 1:JD| The purpose is to sell sport related equipment in one place, so building a large market - Business Unit Essay introduction|| Purpose| Two objectives | Reason for ownership and sector| Size and Number of employees| Scale| Business 1:JD| The purpose is to sell sport related equipment in one place, so building a large market. Moreover, golfers, footballers, basketball players etc. can all go to the same shop.

However, as a business its –purpose- is to make profit, and its marketing (is aimed at teenagers and young adults) has been very successful. | The main objective of JD sport is ultimately strengthened the brand image and identity in order to insure that they can appeal to the right target consumer. To improve their service and improve their product performance| The reason of JDS ownership is that I order for them to take more money they offer shares to the general public and has limited liability.

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Business Unit
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| 10millionLarge| European| Business 2:Bath store| To make profit and provide nice, beautifully hygienic bathrooms| To grow their business operation , to open three more units within a five year periodIncreasing revenue while limiting expenses, increasing annual sales by 10 percent| It has more than 1 share holder it’s a private limited company because it’s easy to transfer ownership of the business by selling shares. Its sector is tertiary sector because its providing a service| Media we also know that it has an immense size due to the fact that it had over 170 stores all over the UK.

and has over 1,000 people working for them | Its scale is national as it only operates in the UK. Bath store is national we know this because it has stores in Lambeth, Islington, Bethnal green and much more. | Business 3:Virgin media LTD| Their purpose is to make profit and be a provider who genuinely understands their customer’s needs. And a provider with the UKs largest nationwide fibre optic network and people with expertise. They believe that virgin media business is all about the customers.

| Go globalRaise market share and beat market share. | Ownership is private limited company and the reason why virgin media is LTD is because it keeps its shares into the family member or close friends, by doing so they remain in the control of the business and therefore, would not lose the management advantages and power to them. Their sector is tertiary because they provide services such as entertainment and transport to their customers,| Virgin media has about 22,500 people working for them meaning

that is it a large business because of the amount of employees and the business are worth more than ? 34 million pounds. | Virgin medial is global; we know this because it works in continents like; AfricaAmericaEurope and some parts of Asia| Business 4:Old Kent road newsagent| To sell essentials to the local residents | To run a profitable operation, the newsagent wants to find a new operating facility that decreases their rent by ?

200 a month or cutting monthly utility bills by 15%Implementing a new shipping procedure that improves their delivery time from four days to two. | They are a sole trader because they do not have many staffs therefor they have more control over how the business is run. They can also offer a more personal service with local roots and ties. This can be more appealing to potential customers in local community. This sector is tertiary because they are offering a service to their local community. | Small up to 3 employees| local|

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