A Tougher Death Penalty Will Reduce Crime

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We Need a Tougher Death Penalty Many people, in general, are trying to abolish the death penalty. Why? Why try to abolish something that is in need of our corrupt world? Like for instance, in the case of the monster named Westley Dodd. The death penalty is doing the world of crime some good. If the people could see the right in their negative outlook.

Westley Dodd had been imprisoned for child molesting on many occasions and in 1989 committed a crime that of horrific nature that made even the detectives cry. Westley Dodd preyed on children, one of the many, stuck out in everyone’s minds. Dodd caught the attention of a five-year-old boy named Lee Islei, knocked him unconscious, then dragged him to his apartment. Dodd then tortured him and molested him repeatedly for several hours, and then had the obscurity to capture it all on videotape. Dodd ended up strangling the beat-up child to death and keeping his underwear as “a souvenir” (Lerch).

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In Dodd’s trial, he explained that he could never restrain from committing brutal sex-homicide crimes. Thankfully, the jury sentenced him to death. He requested to be executed by hanging, and was, on January 5, 1993 (Lerch). This is a perfect situation that was in definite need of the death penalty. Believe it or not, many of these sick, perverted men get out of jail. Dodd did before he murdered Lee Iseli. That’s why the death penalty comes in real handy in instances like these. There are also many points that can be proven and objects that can be expressed concerning the death penalty. The one that is going to be the main topic of this paper is, Is the death penalty an effective deterrent in the outlook of the growing crime of murder? There is tremendous.

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