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Classify- to gather into types, kinds, or categories according to a single basis f division. Logical sequence- list the categories in this order: either most to least outrageous, least to most expensive, from largest to smallest and so on. Transitional expressions: can be divided can be classified can be categorized the first type the second kind the last category Here are a few examples of a classification of paragraph: Rock Music There are three different types of rock music, alternative rock, classic rock, and hard rock, also known as metal.

Alternative rock features a steady bass drum laying down the beat, with easy flowing guitar riffs over the top. The ass line is toned town, and the lyrics are sung with intensity an authority. Depending on the song, the guitars can either be acoustic guitars or electric guitars. Classic rock combines a steady driving bass drum sound, with high snare overtones, steady and often repeating guitar riffs, and an intensive bass line. The guitars are more often than not all electric guitars, and distortion is rarely used. The lyrics are sung with style and enthusiasm.

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Hard rock, or metal, features a hard rolling bass drum with an abundant amount of cymbal work. This style of rock uses several electric guitars with heavy distortion to ring a very intense sound. A hard, intense, driving bass line rounds out the style. The lyrics aren’t really sung so much as screamed. It doesn’t matter what your preference is, each different style of rock music is unique on its own. Daters Beware Men can be categorized by the way they treat women while dating into three groups: a social addict, a content lover, or a keeper.

The first type, a social addict, is the type of man who is constantly late and everything is on his time. Social addicts are particularly self absorbed. For your birthday this type of eater will give you a gift such as a necklace, so that everybody can notice it. When it comes down to emotions and feelings, a social addict will say whatever he assume you want to hear at any given moment. The second type of dater, a content lover, is a guy who will come and go as he pleases. These men just seem to be in attendance but not involved.

When he is with you, he will not open up and share his thoughts. A content lover will forget your birthday all together. Lastly there is the keeper who will not keep you waiting; in fact, he always plans ahead and involves you in the decision making. To them, your birthday is tremendously important. They will give you time for your friends and family; in addition, they always make unique plans for the two of you later that evening. Unlike the other types of daters, the keeper will attempt to be 100% in touch with their feelings towards you and are willing to talk about them.

Men’s dating styles differ; nonetheless, it all comes down to what behavior you are in the mood for. Computer Languages A computer language used for creating web documents can be classified according to its purpose: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The first type of imputer language, HTML, is the basic language for creating an HTML, or web document. HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language was developed in the sass’s and revised until it reached its current form. The style and content off webbing is determined by HTML code, tags, and attributes. A text file ending with the. HTML extension is written in a text editor such as Notepad, and then interpreted by a browser. For example, the MISSING homepage contains images, text, links, headers and other HTML elements specified by HTML code which causes it to display in a web browser such as Internet Explorer. The second type Of computer language, CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets is also a language used for creating web pages; however, its purpose is to describe a pages structure and style. An inline, embedded, or external style-sheet is used in accompaniment to HTML and indicates styles for features like fonts, colors, images and text.

CSS is also used to position elements on a web page, and to format how the page is displayed on various output devices, including printed documents, monitors and handheld devices. The third language, JavaScript, is a computer language used for creating executable applications in web documents. Like HTML and CSS, JavaScript is created with a text editor and displayed by a browser. An application is composed of objects like expressions, variables, values and operators. An automatically updated time or date on a web page is a JavaScript application.

A script can be produced for various functions including hiding e-mail addresses from spammed, or performing mathematical functions. HTML, JavaScript, and CSS computer languages used for indicating the style, content, and formatting of elements within web pages are constantly being revised to improve usability or the programmer and the end-user and to offer endless options for web design. Types of Friends Friends can be classified according to their honesty, loyalty, the type that fits you into their schedule, or the type that finds time for you when they need something.

An honest friend tells you the truth even if it’s not always what you want to hear. In the long run, that honest friend may have saved you from embarrassment or possibly rejection. They give you constructive criticism overall. The loyal friend is the type of friend that will be there for you through the thick and the thin. They don’t care how good or bad you may look one day; they are sensitive to your feelings, they respect you and the other people in your life, and most of all they will never let you down when times are hard. They may be what you call a best friend.

The third group, the person that fits you into their schedule, is the type of person that is always on the go. They barely have time for themselves let alone another person. More than likely they will not be there for you when you need them most, because they are so wrapped up in their busy, hectic life. Then you have the self-absorbent yep of “friend” that finds time for you only when they need something. This type of person isn’t what you would call a friend. This person may always be extremely nice to you because they know that if are nice to you then they will more than likely get what they want.

They will call you every once in awhile when it is almost time for them to use that person again. It may be for a ride to work, home, or they just want somebody to hangout with because they have no other friends. If the person that is being used is smart they will eventually realize that they are getting used and will stop being there for that person. Paragraph types: Classification In a classification paragraph, separate items are grouped into categories according to shared characteristics. Depending on the subject, you may be asked to classify people, organisms, things or ideas.

Topic sentence identifies what is to be classified and the categories used. Support Sentences give more information about each of the categories. Concluding Sentence (optional) Sample paragraph 1 How did Mammalians classify folktales? Mammalians proposed a three-way classification for folktales and distinguished between myth, legend and fairy story. The first of these, he suggested, presents a statement of a higher and more important truth of a primeval reality. As such, it is regarded as sacred. Fairy stories, on the other hand, are simply entertainment.

Nobody attaches any special significance to them, and nobody believes them to be true. Legends, however, are believed to be true historical accounts. Sample paragraph 2 How can the Hindu population of India be classified? The whole Hindu population of India can be divided into four castes or Verna. The highest of these castes is that of the Brahmins or priests. The next highest is the Verna of the warriors, known as the Ashtray, or sometimes the Ragout caste. Below this comes the Vastly or merchant caste and the lowest caste is known as the Sutra caste.

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