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Case 3-1: Brant Freezer Company

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    Systems Description

    Currently, in today’s world, there are many organizations, which developed logistics and supply chain management systems for daily operations. Marathon Oil Corporation has been around since 1887 making energy history. Marathon Oil has tracked the Company’s growth and evolution as a leader in worldwide energy innovations.

    Logistics and supply chain management systems is an area of business concerned with the production of quality goods and services and involves the responsibility of ensuring efficient and effective guidelines. There are many ways the logistics system may be effective but not efficient from the time of sourcing a particular commodity until it reaches site destination. Certainly, logistics and supply chain management sets have distinctive inputs of material throughout the internal task and output.

    According to Morning Star, “Production fell drastically, and reserve replacement was inconsistent and poor” for marathon oil (2008). This was the main cause of input versus output at its low. In the supply chain, competitive bidding is considered along with the quality and delivery of finished products. For example, critical products may reflect the loss of time and can jeopardize the project if the product is not received on time.


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