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Case Application 1: More Than a Good Story



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    As the top managers of their company, there are many issues that Bert and John must deal with. New issues arise on a daily basis when managing any organization.

    However, I believe that Bert and John have already encountered and dealt with the issues that were a threat to the company’s success. Such issues may have included; the business outgrowing its staff, developing a system which best fit the company’s needs, and also implementing a system the company will not outgrow. At the beginning stages of the company I believe the most important management function would have been planning. Bert and John both play an active role in managing the company.

    However, their style of management may not fit with what most people expect from a CEO. As CEO’s, they have focused on expanding their company, however, they also appeal to the more spiritualistic side of work by bringing in their own philosophy of ‘life is good’ by encouraging involvement with charities and looking for employees that match their values in life.

    3. This motto reflects on the concept that employees should be encouraged to match their own personal values with those of the company. Individuals are more committed to an organization when they feel there is a ‘fit’ between what they want from life and what the company want/expects from their employees.

    4. In the past, management experts have advocated against managers having close personal relationships with their employees. Difficulties often arise when managers are faced with disciplining or firing friends for inappropriate behaviors. Impartiality is another consideration in that close friendships may make other employees feel like management would not distribute rewards equally among all employees. Clear policies and open communication are ways to resolve these problems.

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