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Case Study Analysis

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Case Study1) General Information:Student name: Larry money Date of Testing: Grade: 1Date of Birth: Chronological Age: School: 2) Reason for Assessment:is currently having difficulties with learning and behavior. frequently is out of his throughout the day, and answers aloud before being called on to give the answers and struggles to follow directions. also has learning difficulties in reading decoding and reading comprehension.

3) Background Information:lives with is grandparents, parents and one younger sister. Grandparents speak Spanish. Parents and children speak Spanish and English.

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Case Study Analysis
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had been ill frequently during first grade and missed a number of days of school. Parents indicated enjoys school.

4) Prereferral findings:The teacher has been using district reading series, cooperative grouping for reading activities, using card to follow while reading, cueing before asking questions as well as sticker chart for hand raising and working while in his seat, which has helped.

5) Assessment observations:Sensory Abilities: No problem notedLanguage: Flight of ideasApprehension: No problem notedBehavior during testing: Impulsive ResponsesDistractibility: Attention to external stimuliReaction to wrong Responses: PersistMotor Activity: Fidgets, SquirmsGeneral Attitude: Alert, FriendlyMotor Ability: Quick motor executionCooperativeness: Responsive6) Assessment Rules:1) Behavior Rating Profile (BRP-2) is test that has 30 items on the teaching rating scale.

Each item is a sentence stem describing behaviors that may be observed at school.

Percentile Rank: 63 Standard Score: 112) Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Achievement is norm based that test oral language skill through word identification, reading fluency, story recall, and understanding directions.

Percentile Rank Standard ScoreOral Language 7 78 (73-82)Letter-Word Identification 8 79 (72-82)Reading Fluency108 (77-84)Story Recall4498(87-108)Understanding Directions372(69-76)3) Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement is comprehensive form which test mathematics applications, reading decoding, spelling, reading comprehension, mathematics computationPercentile RankStandard scoreMathematics applications 3092Reading Decoding166Spelling2791Reading comprehension1484Mathematics computation53101Reading Composites372Mathematics Composites3996Battery Composites14847) Student Current Characteristics Strengths and Needs:Weakness StrengthsOveractive and restless Very friendly with classmates and peers/ good social skillsPoor listening skillsGood speaking skillsStruggles to follow directions Supportive familyAttendanceGood Mathematics computations and Has a hard time concentrating in classapplications skillsVerbal movementGood Spelling SkillsHas difficulty in reading areas Especially reading comprehension, decoding skills8) Goals/Objective/Recommendations/Strategies/Modifications:1) ReadingComprehension: has a difficult time identifying the author’s purpose of passage or locating the factual information that is clearly stated in the passage.

Objective:Using a bookmark, will recall one specific detail of a paragraph he reads with 80% accuracyDecoding: has a difficult time with long vowel wordsObjective:will identify ten open syllable long vowel words that corresponds to the predicted long vowel sound with 80% accuracy (Recommended that works in small group or one on one with extended time privileges)2) BehaviorObjectives/ Accommodations/Modificationswill be given a reward and be commended for attendance, and behavior problemsThe use of a sticker chart will be used to help him maintain 80% accuracy

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