Case Study Curts Cowboy Center Essay

Discussion 2: “Curt’s Cowboy Corner. ” Student will read the case and respond to the following: Discuss the labor trends that affect Curt’s ability to continue expanding his store. In the case of Curt ability to expand his business it appears that he only wants the best talent for the company to increase the business which is perfect. But, I don’t see to where he is offering any good benefits to the employees to make them stay on board as the company grows.

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Case Study Curts Cowboy Center
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Curt spends a lot of his time and money hiring and training new employees, but in a certain period of time they will leave the company if another job is offering them more and a stable work environment. Evaluate the benefits and problems that might result if Curt hires a human resource specialist to provide support to all stores. It would be great if Curt would seek to hire a qualified HR specialist. This person would be able to do all the hiring that best suit the company.

One beneficial to Curt is that he will have and HR specialist to address the company policy’s a procedure since one of the female employees felt uncomfortable with a remark that was made her supervisor. Curt addressed the issue to the employee but the HR specialist could handle this further. Curt would have more time focusing on the company expansion I really think the only problem that Curt may encounter would be the salary of a HR specialist. Discuss the pros and cons of Curt delegating all human resource activities to each store manager. Should he do it?

It would not be a good idea for Curt to delegate human resources activities to each store manager. This would take away from the store needs if the store managers are given more to do. It would be a good to have a professional human resources person on site to coordinate all other the human resources activities. If Curt did delegate these activities to each store managers how would he control having all the events running at the same time? I think that if Curt hires a qualified HR personal he could spend more time on the expansion of the business and other optional growth for the company.

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