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Case Study: Nirdosh

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CASE ANALYSIS: BHAVSAR’S HERBAL SMOKING DEVICE – NIRDOSH SWOT Analysis Strength • A unique product in offering • It is also a social cause to remove the harmful effect of Nicotine. Will be well supported by the society • A Niche market with probably no competition • The product is not only a replacement to tobacco but also has health benefits associates with it Weakness • Lack of funding to initiate mass production • Lack of marketing strategy • Lack of Supply Chain management Opportunity • Supplying the product to a much wider audience.

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Case Study: Nirdosh
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Can go national instead of just concentrating in the state of Gujrat • Can collaborate with Social houses and Indian Government and use their already existent infrastructure to market the product like Khadi Gram, Government Hospitals, Rehabilitation centers • Can explore options of exporting the product by maintaining the quality standards. Ayurved is much known in India but is unknown to the world hence the product will have a catchy effect to it Threats • No patent taken.

This can lead to competition and eventually downfall of the whole idea. • The raw material like herbs is seasonal.

This can affect the production of Nirodh manufacturing • Increase in production will require technology involvement. Lack of intent and effort may lead to limiting the growth perspective Critical Decision Areas – Identifying alternatives 1. The Production Concept (Product Development) a. Selection and procurement of filter – Recommend use of filters for preventing the inhaling of solid particles b. Selection and development of wrapper filter i. Tendu leaves ii. White paper iii. Special colored medicinal paper – would be costly but will be 1. Familiar . No harmful effects 3. Hides the stains and staleness impact they give c. Packing – Shape of the pack i. Rectangular cardboard sized pack resembling cigarettes – primary target customer segment is cigarette smoking community ii. Conical pack representing biris d. Change of brand name from “Nirdosh” 2. The Marketing Concept (Promotion) a. The packaging should mention the certification taken and quality standards achieved. This will attract the educated lot of the society. b. Promotion of benefits in insert i. Emphasize on the health benefits ii. Tobacco-free c.

Missing punch – line. Should come up with catchy punch line like “Ek kash zindagi ka! ” d. If possible try getting “Ashok Kumar” on cover pack e. Make the product more visible using low cost advertising medium i. Newspaper ii. Magazines iii. Radio (or Doordarshan but costly) iv. Outdoor Advertising – Bus Panels (or Hoardings but costly) v. Door – to – door selling should be stressed and continued 3. The Selling Concept (Price) a. High Price- Niche Product b. Comparable Price – Market as a substitute for cigarettes/Biri with medicinal properties 4. The Product a.

Try and target more resellers and expand distribution network b. Make the product available – Arrange for marketing using mobile vans Needs: Stated needs: Something which satisfies the urge to smoke and give similar benefits as cigarettes/ biris Secret Needs: i. Have the same level of satisfaction along with 1. No harmful effects, and 2. Additional health benefits ii. Provides innovative solution for the health problems of tobacco smokers Typical target customers today: 1. Tobacco smokers 2. Creating new market targeting the medicinal value of the product

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