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Siemens Case Study

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Identify four benefits to Siemens of its in-depth training and development of workers. Answer Training and development programs of Siemens give them varieties of benefit and advantage. Such as improvement of services and customer feedback, responding to competition with other multinational companies and creating greater job satisfaction. Four benefits that Siemens can attain through training and development: Improving productivity and earning more revenue Training and development program increases the productivity of existing employees because of new skills with new demographics and situations.

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Training and development is less costly than recruiting of new staff. Therefore, they are earning more revenue. In addition, trained employees are more confident, enthusiastic and skilled. Therefore, they can manage their jobs easily. Long-term employee commitment: Siemens ensures long-term employee commitment by possessing development programs such as apprenticeships. These programs are attaching employees with Siemens from their study level and they are going to stay here for long time for their own development and future qualification.

Therefore, it creates a long-term employee commitment by establishing trust, company society and responsibility for Siemens.

Attractive to future employees: Siemens training program is attractive to future employees. Because, Siemens gives them chance of earning with education facilities. Through Siemens, a graduate can gain chartered engineer status through institution such as IET. They can take a part on different training programs by their choice or in relevant field.

Every graduate gets a chance to take a two-year program, consists of nine modules including team working, customer focus, project management, communication skill and business writing. Therefore, Siemens attract fresh talent graduates and ambitious or skillful employees towards their organization. Employee confidence, motivation and job satisfaction: Employee confidence and motivation increased when they are going though by different development process. By improving development opportunities, employees feel the company values them.

The staff works better when valued that create long-term commitment and benefits to the company. 2. Explain how an appraisal system can help to motivate employees. Answer Siemens motivates its employees by an appraisal system called performance management process. Performance management means taking an integrated, goal-oriented approach to assigning, training, assessing and rewarding employees’ performance. Taking a performance management approach to training means that the training effort must make sense in terms of what the company wants each employee to contribute to achieving the company’s goal.

This process begins with some steps in Siemens: 1. At first, the employees and their line manager agree the objectives at the beginning of the project. 2. After that, objectives monitored throughout the whole project formally or informally, it ensures that all training is successful and for the best interests of the company. 3. Annually the line manager discusses the result about progress toward the objective that has been set. Feedbacks are also discussed with the employees whether any implementation is needed or not. It helps Siemens to get feedback from staff on changes. . Another thing is new objectives are also set. In some cases, appraisals linked to pay reviews. 5. In some cases, appraisals linked to pay reviews. This helps the employee to feel valued and that motivate them to perform better or to put their best effort. 6. When they have seen that staffs are up-to-date in a fast changing business and they are involved in rapid change with the situations, then they can measure that training and development program was successful. 4. Analyse how Siemens uses training and development to ensure growth in its business. Answer

Training and development helps the growth of a business. Business objective means the long term targets set by a business to ensure success. As Siemens provide training to their employees to improve their performance as well as have up-to-date knowledge and skills remain competent in the highly competitive market. This makes the employee motivated and confident. In addition, they have updated knowledge so they are the asset for the organization. The employees feel valued and stay longer in organization. Thus, training and development ensures that it is able to achieve its business objectives.

Moreover, as the employees stay longer in the organization, that reduces the recruitment cost and which increases the profit margin. To keep its world-leading position and grow in a competitive market, Siemens aims to deliver quality products and services. To do this, it needs people with high skills, knowledge and capability in engineering, Information technology and business. So achieve their business objectives they need skilled factory workers, trade apprenticeships, designers and managers. Training and development is important because, well-trained staff who remain with the business mean that customer enjoy continuity, this leads to ustomer loyalty and establish a great brand value. Repeat business is also established. That means consumers who make further, subsequent purchase the service or product. An organizations primary business objective is to make profit. So trained employee can make more profit by their skills and cost of new employees can reduce by effective training program. In addition, valued, satisfied and skilled employee can empower the organization and gain a competitive advantage. By training and development program, Siemens can ensure its long-term business objectives.

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