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Case Study of Jean Watson Caring Theory

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CASE STUDY [pic] Rico Sandoval, a 39-year old truck driver is admitted to the hospitalfollowing an accident which caused the front of his truck to catchfire. He suffered from burns and was rushed to the ER, diagnosedwith deep split- thickness and full thickness burns of the anteriorchest, arms and hands. His vital signs are as follows: T: 96. 2? F;PR=140/min; BP=98/60. A rapid infusion of lactated ringers wasstarted and he was also receiving 40% humidified oxygen via facialmask. Lung sounds indicate inspiratory and expiratory wheezingand a persistent cough reveals sooty sputum production.

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Case Study of Jean Watson Caring Theory
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A foleycatheter is inserted and initially drains a moderate amount of dark concentrated urine. He is alert and oriented but complains of severepain associated with the burn injuries. Analysis:1. How the client assessment structured? ? Watson points out that nursing process contains the same steps as the scientific research process. They both try to solve a problem. Both provide a framework for decisionmaking. ? Assessment phase is a opportunity for Formation of a Humanistic-altruistic system of values,

Instillation of faith-hope, Cultivation of sensitivity to one’s self and to others andDevelopment of a helping-trusting, human caring relationship ? Watson’s theory of caring insists that a holistic approach, assessment may include thesocial history of the patient, as it allows the interviewer to understand a more completeapproach to the patient’s care.

The environment in which patient lives as well as hishabits within that environment, help to provide a more complete and potentially moresuccessful plan of care. ?

Watson elaborates assessment as for him, it involves observation, identification andreview of the problem; use of applicable knowledge in literature. 2. How the client data is analyzed? • Watson’s theory analyze data by the formulation of hypothesis; defining variables thatwill be examined in solving the problem. • Formulation of Nursing Diagnosis such as Ineffective Airway Clearance r/t brochialsecretions, Fluid Volume Deficit r/t active volume loss, Risk For Infection r/t InadequatePrimary defense and Pain r/t tissue injury. . How the client needs are labeled? • Watson indicates that needs are interrelated. The science of caring suggests that the nurserecognize and assist with each of the interrelated needs in order to reach the highest order need of self-actualization. Watson’s ordering of needs ? Higher order needs (psychosocial needs) – The need for achievement – The need for affiliation ? Higher order need (intrapersonal-interpersonal need) – The need for self-actualization ? Lower order needs (psychophysical needs) –

The need for activity – The need for sexuality ? Lower order needs (biophysical needs) The need for food and fluid – The need for elimination – The need for ventilation 4. How is care planned and delivered? • Watson elaborated that planning includes a conceptual approach or design for problemsolving. It determines what data would be collected and how on whom. • Provision for a supportive, protective, and/or corrective mental, physical, societal, andspiritual environment • Promoting interpersonal teaching-learning •

Assistance with gratification of human needs 5. How is client response/care evaluated? ? According to Watson, evaluation includes analysis of the data as well as the examinationof the effects of interventions based on the data. Includes the interpretation of the results,the degree to which positive outcome has occurred and whether the result can begeneralized. ? Watson believes that harmony of “Body , mind, and spirit” of the caregiver and the patient is one of the greatest outcome of care. http://www. scribd. com/doc/33854915/Jean-Watson

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