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Cooper and Schwinoff are looking for guidance on launching and running a business as family members. To successfully navigate this endeavor, I suggest that they prioritize effective communication, actively listen to one another’s viewpoints, and be open to finding middle ground. It is crucial for Schwinoff to assert herself while respectfully sharing her opinions without imposing them on her mother, who is also part of the business. By maintaining a harmonious working relationship, they will be better equipped to handle any potential challenges.

My advice for Cooper is to understand that even though Carrie is their daughter, it does not guarantee that she will always agree with or like everything they propose. It is important not to impose anything on her and to actively listen to her opinions. The best approach to handling any challenges within the company would be to work together in a harmonious manner. I would suggest avoiding situations where Cooper exerts authority as the mother and expects obedience from Carrie as the daughter.

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In addition, I would advise them to prioritize active listening to prevent conflicts and disputes. Active listening is crucial for the success of any business partnership, as without it, the business could fail and lead both parties to assign blame to each other.

Furthermore, if Cooper and Schwinoff had sought my advice during the launch of Zatswho regarding the appropriate form of ownership, I would recommend _____.

Why should they consider using a partnership? I suggest they opt for a 50%-50% partnership as both parties bring unique experience and resources to the table. Schwinoff offered $30,000 to start the business while Cooper provided an idea and a prototype. Given Cooper’s background in finance and Schwinoff’s marketing degree, it would be advisable for each to focus on their respective areas of expertise to ensure the success of the business.

The division of the business would create an opportunity for individuals to freely express themselves and receive feedback from each other while avoiding any negative consequences. Being a mother-daughter team allows for open communication without making the other person feel targeted, although constant negativity without any positivity could become bothersome. Additionally, working with classmates can help generate ideas for potential target markets for Zatswho.

The target market for Zatswho’s would include parents, guardians, nannies, and daycares with children aged 1-4 years. This group can benefit from the product by displaying family photos and using it to teach children alphabets, numbers, and shapes. It is also valuable for children with special needs such as autism or Down syndrome.

Children with special needs, including those with hearing impairment, have the capacity to learn and find pleasure in the same educational material as typical children. Therefore, this product can effectively educate them through sign language. To promote Zatswho, Cooper and Schwinoff should adopt a guerrilla marketing approach that involves utilizing social networks and blogging. It is recommended that they prepare a two-page memo outlining the strategy for Cooper and Schwinoff.

Engaging in social marketing with this product would allow you to reach a wider audience online. Blogging is another effective method to gain a larger audience and receive instant feedback from customers who have already purchased the item. They can provide valuable insights on what works well and areas where the product could be improved. One of the main advantages is mass marketing – promoting the product nationwide – which can be effectively achieved through internet platforms to showcase its features and benefits.

Promoting your business through social media sites is a cost-effective method of advertising. In the past, disseminating information relied on word-of-mouth, which had limitations such as geographical boundaries and the reliance on personal contacts. However, with the advent of the internet, information can now be widely distributed without necessitating phone calls.

Blogging also serves as an efficient approach to draw in customers and obtain their feedback regarding your products. It provides a convenient platform for communication with customers, enabling your company to implement necessary product modifications based on their input, even if these adjustments deviate from the original plan.

The website offers customers the opportunity to read reviews from other customers, helping them make informed decisions about products. Furthermore, customers can share their experiences and provide advice on how to use products through social media platforms. Through active engagement on social media, the company can directly interact with customers and gain valuable insights into their preferences and needs.

To enhance the Zatswho website, please visit Recommendations involve including customer service contact details for phone and mail assistance, along with incorporating a mission statement into their “about us” section, despite the evident purpose of the product.

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