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Case Study – Zatswho Llc.

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1. What tips can you offer Cooper and Schwinoff about family members who start and run a business together? What pitfalls would you warn them to avoid? Some tips that I would offer Cooper and Schwinoff would be to listen to one another and compromise on what you may or may not think is the right thing to do. A tip that I would offer Schwinoff would be that even though Trisha is your mother stand up for what you think is the right thing to do with the company but don’t force your opinion upon her, working together in a peaceful state of mind would be the best way to deal with any complications of the company.

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Case Study – Zatswho Llc.
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A tip that I would offer Cooper is that just because Carrie is your daughter doesn’t mean that she will like everything you bring to the table and approve of your outlook, so don’t force anything on her and listen to her opinions, working together in a peaceful state of mind would be the best way to deal with any complications of the company. I would tell them to avoid things like I’m the mother and you’re the daughter situations.

I would also tell them that they need to listen to one another to avoid fights with each other and to avoid arguments. Listening to each other is a major thing that both people have to do in any business to make the business work otherwise the business would fail and cause both parties to blame each other. 2. Suppose that Cooper and Schwinoff had approached you when they were launching Zatswho concerning the form of ownership they should use. Which form of ownership do you recommend they use.

Why? I would recommend that they use a partnership, since they both bring different parts of experience to the table and I would also recommend that they use a 50%-50% partnership, especially since Schwinoff offered the $30,000 to start the business and Cooper offered up an idea and a prototype. Considering that Cooper has the background in finance and Schwinoff has the marketing degree I would recommend that they both do what they have the knowledge on in order to make this business work.

Having the business split this way would allow for each person to express themselves and gain respective feedback from the other person without any repercussions against one another. And since you are a mother-daughter team you would be able to give and receive information from each other without letting the other feel like they are being picked on, but it could and more than like would become bothersome if it is always negative and there is no positivity there at all. 3. Work with a team of your classmates to brainstorm potential groups of people who make up Zatswho’s target market.

A group of people that would make up the target market of Zatswho’s would be parent, guardians, nannies, and even daycares with small children from 1-4 years of age. I believe that this would be the best target market since they would benefit from this product as they wouldn’t just have to put family photos in them they could also put anything that they believe would help the child learn whether that be the alphabets or numbers or shapes. I also think that this product would be great to use with children that have special needs like autism and even downs syndrome.

Children with special needs could learn the same things that normal children do and have fun doing it. You could also use this product to teach children that have hearing impairment by teaching them the same things you could teach normal children and introducing it to them via sign language. 4. Help Cooper and Schwinoff develop a guerrilla marketing strategy for Zatswho. Write a two-page memo to Cooper and Schwinoff that highlights the key points of your strategy and the reasoning behind each one. Cooper and Schwinoff, you should engage in guerrilla marketing through the social networks and blogging.

Engaging in social marketing with this product would allow you to aim your product at a larger audience via the internet. Blogging is also a great way to gain a larger audience and get immediate feedback from those that have purchase the item already, they would be able to inform them on what works and if the product could use improvements anywhere. Some of the key points to this would be: * Mass marketing – being able to market a product like this all over the nation is a big thing and using the internet would be the best way to get your products information out there and what they do best.

Free advertising – the internet social media sites are a great way of getting free advertising. In the past word-of-mouth was number one, but didn’t and couldn’t travel very far without calling friends and family, today the internet makes all of this possible without ever picking up a phone. * Blogging – it’s an easy way to get customers attention about the product and to get feedback in regards to the products faults and/or successes that the product has. Having an easy way to communicate with the customers makes it easy for the company to make any necessary changes to the product whether those changes seem right or not to the company.

It also allows for customer to review the information from other customers and decide on whether or not that particular product would be of use to them. * Social media – allows for customers to share their experiences with one another and share advice to what they could use the product for. Having a social media page gives the customers a chance to talk with the company as if they were in the board room too; it lets the company find out what the customers want first hand from the customers. 5.

Visit the Zatswho Web site at www. zatswho. com. What recommendations can you make for improving the site? Even though the company site is set up rather well, I would recommend that they put information about how to reach them via telephone and mail for customer service purposes. In their about us section they have a page that says how they came to be who they are but they don’t have a mission statement, even though it is fairly obvious what they product is set out to do, the company still needs a mission statement.

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