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Case Title: the Patterson Operation

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I. Point of View
The group deemed to use Ms. May Allison’s point of view in the case. It is because she is the new first line manager and she has direct contact among the employees and operations of Section 10 or the Patterson Operation. As the new first line manager, she has the first hand idea of what is going on and what needs to be done on the operations at Section 10 or operations at Patterson. The group decided not to use the point of view of Mr.

Fred Hammond because he was promoted and already has no direct contact among the employees of Section 10. II. Problem Statement

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Case Title: the Patterson Operation
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Taking Ms. May Allison’s point of view, the group believes that the problem is: What should be done in the Patterson Operation to decrease or lessen the absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover of its workers? III. Case Analysis of Relevant Facts

a. Macro Environment
1. Economic

2. Socio Cultural/Demographic
Most of the employees at Patterson are African Americans.

b. Internal Environment
Patterson Operation has approximately forty employees. Culture
As stated on the paper, the employees have low seniority level and deemed as inexperienced by the company before the move. After the movethey observed non-standard conditions such as not having to observe dress codes, not wearing bonnets and not having to refrain from wearing jewelry on the job. Firm Management

The line assembly line is set up so that individual workers could work on the same job until the particular order was completed. Also,
employees were allowed to influence decisions concerning their work hours and times of rest breaks,radios turned to popular music were allowed, liberal attitude was taken by the management regarding violations of certain company policies. Because of the remote location of Patterson Operation, managers or supervisorsvisited the plant infrequently. c. Employee Behavior

1. Employee Productivity and Job Satisfaction
The employees at Patterson Operation are relatively more productive and satisfied than their previous location at Section 10 at the main plant.Their productivity was evident because employees were receiving bonuses on the Halsey 50-50 system. During the first year of operation there was a 32.8 percent increase in productivity. 2. Workplace Misbehavior

Work records at the Patterson operation concerning absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover are not better than those in the main plant and in a few cases they are slightly worse. 3. Organizational Citizenship

Employees soon came to view Patterson as their own company and mutual cooperation and esprit de corps developed among the workers.
SWOT Analysis
· Repetition on only one line (assembly line) enabled workers to develop speed. · Employee empowerment was observed.
· May Allison has been able to earn the respect and admiration of the employees and has developed effective work relationships with them. Weaknesses
· Patterson seems disconnected with the main plant. Opportunities

IV. Formulation and Evaluation of Alternative Solutions to the Identified Problem

V. Decision/Recommendation
VI. Implementation Plan
VII. Contingency Plan

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Case Title: the Patterson Operation. (2016, Oct 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/case-title-the-patterson-operation/

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