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Cebu as Convention Tourism (Thesis Background Only)

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CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Metro Cebu is the second most significant metropolitan centre in the Philippines after. One of the top and premiere tourist destinations here in the Philippines. Ranking no. 7 for three consecutive years in the Conde Nast Traveler magazine’s top island destinations in the world, its not surprising that island has one of the fastest growing economies in the country. Being one of the most developed province in the country and being the center of trade, commerce and education in the central and southern part of the archipelago.

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Cebu as Convention Tourism (Thesis Background Only)
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Convention tourism is a part of the MICE Tourism or the meetings, incentives, convention and Exhibition tourism which is defined as : “As segment of tourism caters to such corporate programmes tailor-made to suit the client’s requirements in any part of the world. The size of the convention, facilities required, competitive pricing, natural attractions, safety and opportunities to shop are some of the factors considered before selecting a MICE destination.

“The human desire to meet and exchange ideas, the basis of conventions and meetings is as old as human kind. Yet it was only in the twentieth century that an industry which centers on these activities evolved. Even more recent is the increased in academic interest in this phenomena-the lack which long belied their economic significance. ”( Weber, Chon,2002 ) Cebu is known for its historic destination like old churches.

It is also known for its white-sand beaches, world class golf courses and as a shopping haven that attracts a lot of tourist to go to the place. The province accounts for more than 30% of tourist arrivals to the Philippines annually. Before, province lacked facilities to host large-scale conventions and meetings and for indoor and outdoor but this was until 2006, when the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) opened its doors for the 12th ASEAN Summit. ”In 2005, President Arroyo named Cebu as the host of the 12th ASEAN Summit nd 2nd East Asia Summit in December 2006, which was later on moved to January 12-15, 2007 due to consecutive typhoons. Since Cebu lacked a standalone facility for conventions and other large and prestigious gatherings, the provincial government had the convention center built at the Mandaue City Reclamation Area in Metro Cebu. ” (MANILA BULETTIN. http://www. travelsmart. net/article/10000408/) This study will evaluate the effectiveness of Metro Cebu as a Convention Tourism Destination. It will also discuss its strengths and its weaknesses.

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