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Celta assignment – Cases



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    The medication comes in a vial that needs to be stored at ICC to ICC. Convert this temperature to Fahrenheit. Hint: Refer to pages 129-130 in your textbook. OFF to OFF Based upon your calculation, where should this medication be stored until use ND why? This medication should be stored at room temperature. It cannot be warmer than 77 OF so it needs to say relatively cool and it cannot be colder than OFF so it does not need to be refrigerated.

    Case 3: In a “24 hoot walk-in clinic, immunization are given only on Mondays between 1315 and 1615.

    Which statement best describes these hours? Monday morning only Monday morning through Monday evening Monday morning and afternoon Monday afternoon only The clinic decides to offer immunization on Saturday between 10 a. M. And 2 p. M. How would you express this in international standard time? You can refer to ages 127 and 128 in your textbook. Saturday from 1000- 1400

    Case 4: A mother calls the clinic because her son is not feeling well. You ask if the son has a fever and she responds that his temperature is ICC. Convert this temperature to Fahrenheit.

    Hint: Refer to pages 129-130 in your textbook. 100. 40 F Does her son have a fever? Yes, the normal temperature is 98. OFF. There for, her son is running a low-grade fever.

    Case 5: Annie is 3-years-old and is being seen for what appears to be an ear infection. Nannies mother asks if it is safe to give Annie children’s aspirin because she has some at home. Her husband takes it as a “blood thinner. ” What is your response to Nannies mother? Yes, it is meant for children so Annie is safe to take it. Annie will be given an antibiotic. Her mother mentions that she is allergic to penicillin.

    What are some checks and balances that should be in place at the physician’s office and in the pharmacy to ensure that errors are not made with patients with allergies to certain antibiotics?

    Case 6: Mr.. Smith has arthritis and is also experiencing muscle spasms. The physician prescribes an analgesic and a muscle relaxant. What is the likely drug class prescribed for arthritis? How does it act? Nonessential Anti-inflammatory Drugs (Nasals) Managing pain, swelling, and stiffness Mr.. Smith mentions he took acetaminophen for the arthritis but it did not provide relief.

    Why is acetaminophen not very effective in treating arthritis? It has no effect on the underlying inflammation, redness, and swelling of the joint. What patient education should be provided with muscle relaxants? Muscle relaxants are not recommended for use by pregnant women, older adults, or people who have depression or a history of drug or alcohol addiction. Drowsiness or dizziness, possible addiction or dependence, dry mouth, urinary retention.

    Case 7: Mrs.. Jones has chronic heartburn, also known as GERI, and was prescribed Maximum to relieve her symptoms.

    Answer the following questions below concerning patient education for this class of drugs. Maximum is supplied in capsules that are delayed-release. Explain to Mrs.. Jones how these work and why she should not open the capsules prior to taking them. Take MAXIMUM at least 1 hour before a meal and swallow the capsules whole. The granules need to be swallowed all at once and never chewed or crushed. Explain to Mrs.. Jones the strengths of Maximum that are available. Maximum delayed release moms in strength designed for the needed treatment.

    Healing of erosive Esophagi comes in 20 or man. Maintenance of healing of erosive Esophagi is recommended to use MGM. Symptomatic Gastrointestinal Reflux Disease comes with the recommendation of MGM. Mrs.. Jones has a limited income and is wondering if she has any other options given the cost of the prescribed drug. Does she have a generic alternative? Maximum does not have a generic equivalent prescription. What are the clinical indications for Maximum? Maximum is indicated for the short-term treatment. It is recommended to be only used for 4-8 weeks at a time.

    This is usually the timeshare when there is confirmed esophagi erosion. If a patient hasn’t healed after the initial 4-8 week treatment, an additional 4-8 weeks may be necessary.

    Case 8: Mr.. Smith is prescribed Privacies for chronic GERI, but is confused about some of the details of the drug he is prescribed. He has taken Maximum before for this same condition, and wonders if there’s any difference between the two medications – and if they can be used interchangeably. 1. Privacies comes in different dosage forms, one of which is a Solutes. What does this term refer o?

    1. Who might benefit from using a Solutes? Privacies is an antinuclear agent and proton pump inhibitor.
    2. Solutes would benefit someone who suffers from benign gastric ulcers, GERI, or Clinger-Ellison syndrome (ZEES).
    3. What is the generic name of Privacies? The generic name for Privacies is landholders.

    Compare the generic names of Privacies and Maximum. Would you expect them to be in the same drug class? Why or why not? I would expect Privacies and Maximum to be in the same drug class since they treat the same issues and dosage instructions are similar. Their main use is to treat the GERI symptoms.

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