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There are a multitude of nationalities in the classroom including students from China, Syria, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and Pakistan. The ages of the students ranged greatly from the 17 to 72 years old. Though certainly not always true, find that the older students are more often in the classroom because they want to be there and for ‘betted reasons. Again, this is by no means always the circumstance. I think the different nationalities will often be accompanied with different grammatical and pronunciation difficulties.

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For example, many sounds re not common to students in the class because they’re simply not used in their native language. For example, Aka and Summit who are Japanese may find difficulty changing the order of verb and object while other languages don’t use articles entirely. Motivation The student’s motivation varied quite a bit. Students wanted better employment opportunities, to understand other English speakers, were going to or wanted to move to an English speaking country, work in a field such as tourism where speaking English was a necessity, or for social purposes such as Faceable and SMS.

In general, I feel their motivation undoubtedly influences their learning. If the students are there for the wrong reasons or are there because they feel they have to, more often than not, they II take away less from the course than those that want to learn for the sake of learning. Previous Learning Experience The student’s formal previous English learning experiences ranged from a couple of months to a few years. Most students said there previous experiences were positive and they had felt they learned best when the teacher incorporated a variety of tasks rather than follow repetitive lesson plans.

When the lessons varied, the students were able to show stronger progress in all areas and didn’t feel they lacked in one area such as reading, as Even had stated. While other students mentioned they lacked listening skills such as Than and Ut had mentioned. Learning Styles Many students said being involved in the classroom as opposed to a passive learning environment was the most helpful for them. Other responses from L Long, and Mohammad included watching movies, playing games, and conversing with other students. Some of the older students said they liked avian new words boarded along with the practice of the pronunciation of the words.

The students who have had previous English learning experiences with a lot of involvement seemed to be more proficient all-around in a shorter period of time. Language Needs Common errors among the students show weaknesses in dropping various words in the sentences. Although, the sentences were understandable, articles, auxiliary verbs, and conjunctions were commonly dropped in the sentences from Bulb, L , and Summit as well as other students. However, these errors were not actually areas in which the students specifically requested help with.

Almost as common, the students had confusion with the pronunciation of many words and this was a strong focus for improvement with many of the students. Strengths and Weaknesses Overall, I felt the student’s linguistic skills were strong with understanding language in context. This was relevant when I played the board game with Than and Bulb and they understood most all of the text in its context as well as in other situations. However, in their answers, their language form had many errors such as Bulb answering the question, ‘Where is your mother now? ‘ with “My mother in Pakistan.

Language form was also an area the students needed improvement with. (Word Count-571) B. AIM-To practice pronunciation of pairs of written vowels with different pronunciations. This lesson can be used in the controlled practice stage. This would follow once the teacher has boarded examples and reviewed the sounds of the combined vowels. This activity would be suitable for the students because most had expressed a desire to improve their pronunciation. Unlike many of the grammatical errors the students were making, their pronunciation errors made the sentences they reduced difficult, if not impossible to understand its context.

This for obvious reasons is a problem and needs to be addressed to help all of the students meet their various motivational goals. I’m talking about the need for the student to be understandable when they speak. It’s also important to get the students to focus on the different sounds the same combination of letters can possibly produce. Think the activity would also be fun as many of the students said they enjoyed learning with games as well as conversing with the other students. (Word Count-167) c. AIM-To practice speaking for fluency about themselves. This activity can be used in the controlled practice stage. This would follow after the teacher has boarded an example of the correct question form. This activity would be suitable for the students speaking fluency. It will also help in producing conversational questioning and answering skills. While playing the board game with Bulb and Than, they would quite often omit various articles, conjunctions, and auxiliary verbs. I think the activity following a proper model of the conversation would be highly effective practice in addressing their nakedness with the omission of these words.

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