Censorship of rap music

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Music has thrived in America for more than 200 years, showcasing a range of genres from classical compositions to rap tracks. However, in recent decades, society has deemed the lyrics in modern rock, rap, hip-hop, and other genres as offensive and explicit. As a result, nationwide radio stations have enforced bans on rap songs. Several stations like “WBLS/New York,” “WPGC/Washington D.C.,” “BET,” and “WCKZ/Charlotte” have implemented restrictions on songs or videos that promote violence, misogyny, or vulgarity (Rock 1). This brings up the question of whether rap lyrics are too severe and if music should be censored. Musicians have always used music as a medium to express their beliefs and messages. Imposing censorship on rap artists and rock bands would deny them the very essence that drives their creativity – the freedom to write and perform whatever they wish.

Many rap artists originate from challenging neighborhoods where their families struggle to survive. These musicians work their way out of the violence and poverty of their childhood to achieve fame and success, serving as crucial role models for aspiring rap artists. According to Berry (614), rap music’s power and promise lie within urban America—a context characterized by a disproportionate fatality rate among black males due to violent crimes, a high dropout rate of 72% among black high-school students, and 86% of black children growing up in poverty. Censoring rap would result in the loss of its depiction of the harsh reality it portrays in its lyrics. These lyrics reflect the experiences and struggles that rap artists endured while growing up. They seek to convey their upbringing to the world. Leland states that the words in rap songs often express frustration caused by poverty, drugs, violence, inadequate schools, family breakdown, and racial tension&…

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