Racial Stereotypes in Rap Music

Racial stereotypes can be seen in any type of music, especially in Rap music. The rap industry has become more and more stereotypical than other genre industries. Most rap artists are either from an African-American decent or have African-American decent in their blood, such as Kanye West and Lil Wayne. The rest of the minority rap artists are from other ethnicities in the rap industry such as, Eminem and Baby Bash. Rap music presents the stereotype, that most African-American artists are much more capable in representing the industry than Caucasians/Whites artists.

Although minorities are not black, they should be given a chance to prove themselves as rap artists, and not be ridiculed. Rap music has become a part of daily life among young teens and most adults. Kids ranging from seven years of age to adulthood, you will see them with mp3 players, laptops, and phones. From the CSM campus to the streets, you will hear beats that have the sound of hip-hop, rap and/or R&B. The age groups who listen to rap, are dramatically growing because of the rap artists themselves and their lyrics.

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Most of the young generation cannot live without this kind of music which has hard beats and explicit lyrics. The African-American artists have become very popular among young teens around the world, while Caucasians/White artists continue not being as popular because it is to be said that they can’t rap as well. Kanye West describes to Soundbuzz in a Yahoo! Music News article, “I hate music where white people are trying to sound black. The white music I like is white. ” (Soundbuzz 1).

This quote basically states that Kanye West believes that White artists should not attempt to sound black, but stick with music like rock, country, and classical. This proves to all listeners that white artists who try to sound black, will not last in the rap industry because they will loose their audience. They do not want to be separate from the Blacks, but rather be a part of their stereotype. This stereotype is portraying men as being the dominate gender and keeping the women under control.

What happens to all White artists who attempt singing rap music? They are either given the chance to pursue careers in this industry or they are discouraged to try because their efforts are not good enough. It is a competitive career and being in the spotlight , you must make a big impact on your audience with new beats, lyrics, albums, and concerts. The impact and content must contain explicit lyrics and the degradation of women, in order to make it big.

This goal of making it big can have major consequences to society. These consequences are kids and young adults acting out irrationally towards both genders, their everyday language changes, and they conform to the stereotype projected. It doesn’t matter what color you are, but it does matter what is said. Generations to come will either be an individual and creative or pursue in mimicking the media and music artists they idol.

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