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A short narrative typically gives a brief account of someone’s life, often highlighting a defining moment that leads to a climax of events. The purpose is to engage the reader throughout the narrative by using a compelling character, vivid details, and a climactic ending. The character must be believable and consistent to maintain the reader’s interest. The short story Sonny’s Blues by James Baldwin is an example of a successful narrative that captures the reader’s attention through the use of a captivating character, visual details, and a climactic ending. The story follows Sonny’s struggles with drug addiction and his brother’s attempts to understand and support him. The climactic ending reveals the unexpected truth behind Sonny’s passion for music and his path to sobriety, leaving the reader with a powerful and memorable experience.

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A short narrative is a brief yet compendious item into someone’s life. It most frequently gives a history or background of the individual’s life. a decisive minute. which is further built up on and so leads to a apogee of events. The end is to capture and keep the reader’s involvement throughout the narrative by using a individual idea arousing character. ocular inside informations and a climatic terminal. These characteristics will maintain the reader captivated to the really terminal of the narrative. While most short narratives are plotted around at least one idea arousing character. the single must be converting. consistent throughout and about life-like in order to keep the reader’s involvement. Once the reader locks on to the character in a short narrative. the involvement is captured and maintained by the character’s temperament. From the oncoming of the short narrative. Sonny’s Blues. the writer instantly introduces the individual captivating character. Sonny. by allowing the reader in on Sonny’s fortunes. Visual inside informations pull the reader deeper and maintain their attending locked throughout the narrative. It allows the reader to make his or her ain position or experience precisely what the character is sing. “I was scared. scared for Sonny.

A great block of ice got settled in my abdomen and kept runing at that place easy all twenty-four hours long. It was a particular sort of ice. It kept runing. directing drips of ice H2O all up and down my venas. but it ne’er got less. Sometimes it hard-boiled and seemed to spread out until I felt my backbones were traveling to come sloping out or that I was traveling to choke or scream” ( James Baldwin 37 ) . These words used by Sonny’s brother depict existent fright and the usage of inside informations allows the reader to see and experience the deepness of his fright. The climatic terminal is the highest point of involvement and the specifying minute of the narrative. The reader wonders what will go on next and what the declaration will be. Sonny decides to see the cabaret ; this concerns his brother who believes that this environment will take Sonny down the incorrect way. However. the opposite happens. “Here I was in Sonny’s universe. Or. instead: his land.

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Here. it was non even a inquiry that his venas bore royal blood” ( James Baldwin 57 ) . The brother realizes that this universe. this environment and the music are what Sonny thrives on to keep his soberness. For a compelling short narrative. as Rosemary Sullivan said. “It’s the strength of the experience in so brief a infinite. ” The impulse to happen out why. when. how and what about Sonny. based on his fortunes. including his drug dependence and being locked away as a consequence. causes the reader to desire to travel farther into the narrative. This experience is intensified by the temperament of a individual idea arousing character. ocular inside informations and a climatic terminal. doing the short narrative a successful read.

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