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Changing school is one transition which has had a

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great impact on my life.

It all began during the second last day of year eight, when the school bellrang.

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Changing school is one transition which has had a
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“School’s out,” all my friends would say and then there would be greatriots of kids screaming and yelling as they made their way towards thelockers. My best friend and I would be left behind, walking slowly towardsthe lockers, discussing our day at school and the classes we had. My bestfriend is Steven, a short and bashful person, who has a very strong heartand enjoys talking to me.

He is a very special person to me as he takescare of me in all sorts of situations, such as work problems and familyproblems. He watches over me like a brother, which I truly cherish.

That night, while I was a couch potato, my mother came in with adiscontented look.

“Eric, I have something very important to say,” she said, as I ignored her.

“ERIC!” I shook, as I turned to my mum and realized how miserable shelooked.

I turned the television off and gave her my full attention.

“Son, your dad and I have decided to change your school.” Shocked anddumbfounded by what she said, I did not know how to reply. I ran to myroom, jumped on my bed and started screaming in my pillow. A lot ofthoughts started to run through my head, what about my old school andfriends? The teachers? I’ll be all alone. Eventually, my eyes started todroop, as I fell asleep.

The next morning at school I confronted my friends and announced the news.

They were all astonished to hear the news and were upset, but promised tokeep in touch. I eventually came across my best friend Steven and told himabout changing school. He just smiled. He then grabbed my arm and took meto the playground. He told me not to worry and that changing schools wasnot bad but good. He explained that the change was made by my parents andthat they only wanted the best for me. He also said he did feel a littlebit sad but I should grow stronger at heart and as a person when I go tothe new school.

I was quite shocked about what he said, but understood and accepted it, asit was very true. I don’t know why, but something in me, was saying he wasright. The last day was a very memorable one.

It was the start of year nine at a new school, called Camberwell Grammar. Isaw a few primary school friends and many new faces. Within several weeks,I had many friends of which I was very proud. Listening to Steven’s advicehas helped a lot, even till today.

I am certain, changing schools has helped me grow a lot stronger andmature. Not only did Steven’s advice help a lot, but the school, CamberwellGrammar, has as well. I am very happy with the school transition as I hopeto grow stronger in the heart and as a person. From receiving advice andchanging school, I leave my weaknesses behind me as I move forward to abetter future.

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