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Charm City Research Paper The bitter

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Charm City Essay, Research Paper

The acrimonious air currents blow off the Chesapeake as we drive the Uhaul down the old sett

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Charm City Research Paper The bitter
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street toward our new flat. My tummy somersaults with exhilaration. I & # 8217 ; m really traveling

to Baltimore. & # 8220 ; Charm City. & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; The City That Reads. & # 8221 ; ( At least this is what all the coach

benches claim, but I & # 8217 ; m certain many would argue. ) . The metropolis where a immature George Herman

Ruth, Jr. swung a stick at a little gum elastic ball in forepart of 216 Emory Street and 19

old ages subsequently, after subscribing a contract with the Oriole & # 8217 ; s, adopted the name & # 8220 ; Babe.

& # 8221 ; The metropolis

where in 1826, an 8 twelvemonth old Frederick Bailey retreated from the ironss of bondage by

larning to read and 21 old ages subsequently, as Frederick Douglas, published the North Star, an

abolitionist newspaper. The metropolis where one time upon a midnight dreary Edgar Allen Poe

pondered, weak and weary and all of a sudden there came a tapping at his chamber door.


metropolis where Marci Koch, an aspirant creative person at 27, unpacked a Uhaul on a alert wintry twenty-four hours in

March of 1999.

Assorted constructions of different forms and sizes decorate the Inner Harbor. At

dark, the darkness defines the scattered glare of towers, glowing admirations reflected in

the H2O. The Lord Baltimore Hotel, one time the tallest edifice in Maryland, glows gold,

baronial and proud. The male monarch on a elephantine chess board. The Legg Mason edifice bases at his

side, his reigning Queen. The Bromo Seltzer edifice freshnesss blue, dark and cryptic.

The slender, square pillar resembles a palace. Clearly his castle. And the others scattered

approximately, his bishops, knights, and pawns.

Sprinkled upon ruddy brick pavements, eating houses, stores, galleries, and hotels

show dazing marks that spark and flash. Barnes and Nobles, Planet Hollywood, ESPN

Zone. The Hyatt, The Hilton, The Sheraton Hotel. The Aquarium, Science Center, and

Port Discovery Museum. A immense ruddy and xanthous Ne guitar sits on top of the Hard Rock

Cafe. The strings blink back and forth vibrating in the dark sky. I imagine if it was existent,

all of Baltimore could hear it playing & # 8220 ; Big City Nights & # 8221 ; by the Scorpians.

The sounds of the metropolis create a symphonic music. The soprano squawks of sea gulls,

saxophones that compliment the deep sounds from ships in the harbor- a long, drawn out

shot upon T

he thickest threading on the cello. People confabs and laugh with assorted voices-

flutes and Gallic horns, clarinets and huntsman’s horns. Cars creep along Pratt Street and honk in

F major. The cleft of the chiropteran at Camden Yards, the booms, cheers and chants ; high chapeaus,

kettle, cymbals, and bass. An orchestra led by a expansive music director, larger than life,

Liberace possibly, every bit tall as Godzilla, smiling down, in a dazzling suit, keeping his

rhinestone wand.

Baltimore. A kaleidoscope of civilizations. Where a senator sips Dom Perignon in

forepart of a expansive fire as a mendicant trembles outside her door and scrapings change for a beer.

Where your postman speaks Chinese and your trashman speaks German. Where, in forepart

of the Havannah Club, work forces in three piece suits and slicked-back hair unfastened doors for

elegant Hispanic ladies dressed to swing to the sounds of salsa. Where one block over,

steroid drug addicts, non easy swayed by a reasonably smiling, severely guard doors that seep rhythmic

sounds of techno at the Baja Beach Club. Where jocks break records and instrumentalists

do them. Where poets write poetries and yuppies buy them. A potpourri of forms, sizes,

credos and colourss. Traveling approximately, this manner and that, fazing, ever-changing.

My new flat is in Fell & # 8217 ; s Point. A quaint country located in Southeast Baltimore.

Its streets have seen victory and calamity. First established in 1763 by Colonel Edward

Fell & # 8217 ; s, the port welcomed slave ships ; kidnapped African Americans were sold at auction

business district. But, it was besides place to many free black workers, including Anna Murray,

the adult female who assisted in the flight of Frederick Douglas and subsequently married him. My

topographic point remainders along Bond Street, named after Ann Bond, Colonel Fell & # 8217 ; s married woman. Just one block

from where Frederick Douglas taught himself to read.

I unpack the Uhaul and take a deep breath. My lungs fill with acrimonious cold and the

odor of fresh staff of life, midst and pleasing, permeates the air. It radiates from the H & A ; S

Bakery 24 hours a twenty-four hours and travels about five blocks in every way. What a

fantastic odor to acquire used to. I look up at the magnificence of edifices environing me. I

expression about at the neighbours and tourers aside me. I listen to the cries from the saloon across

from me. What a fantastic metropolis to acquire used to.

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