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    In an ideal workplace environment, every worker would have a positive relation with all his or her fellow coworkers. However, in the real world workers personalities and traits often clash with one another. The result is workers with less than satisfactory or annoying work habits. The most common annoying types are the speakerphone lover, the interrupter, the grump, know-it-all, the slacker, and the blabbermouth.

    Everyone has encountered at least one if not all of these annoyances in the workplace. The problem is how to adequately deal with these co-workers without creating a negative and or uncomfortable work climate. This paper will identify one of these annoyances, how to effectively deal with the situation. One such coworker would be the interrupter personality. The article states “The interrupter. Whenever you are talking with a coworker, this person finds a way to butt in. She answers your questions to other people and you can’t have a private conversation without her ending up in it” (Green, 2011).

    Unfortunately, in the military I encounter this type of worker at every duty station I report. I was in the process of training my replacement before I moved on to a new post and introducing them to the civilian department heads we often worked with. At almost every opportunity, they interrupted the civilian and remarked, “That is not the way we did it at my last post”. I attempted to inform the person that these civilians had worked there for many years and if she wanted, anything accomplished she had to do it their way or it would not be done. When I called jack three months later, I found out that the new person was relieved of duty.

    In the article, it states, ‘There’s only one way to make it stop, and that’s to address it head-on. The next time this happens, say something like, “Actually, I really wanted to get Cane’s input on this. Would you give us a minute? ” If she does not back off, say it again “Thanks. Actually, really want to talk to Jane about it. ” Say it nicely, but be firm. ” (Green, 2011, p. 1). This may be true however; this method does not work in every situation. I chose to deal with the matter in an informal manner as the coworker and I were of the same rank.

    Because of the informal method in which I relayed the information, the coworker may have been less inclined to heed my warning. In conclusion, In the future, if the same situation arises, I may try to use formal horizontal communication to get my point across. As stated in the text “Horizontal communication is essential for promoting coordination, problem solving, and social support among coworkers. Individuals on the same operational level of organizations share many goals and activities, so they can provide each other with important insights into common challenges mound in their work” (Krebs, 2011 p. . 5). Perhaps the recipient of the information will listen to the advice I am giving them.

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