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Chemistry In Daily Life

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New Generation is not capable to rule. I agree with that .If we go back in the history, all the great rulers such as Alexendar the Great ,Tip-u-Sultan , Quaid-e-Azam Hitler, Abraham Linkan and many more these all the great leaders know the technique the technique of dealing and handling the people, the never look down at failure The all have the strong sense of responsibility. They all are open minded. They all have the ability to really understand another’s point of view they all have ability to manage relationship and networking.

But now if we see young generation They even are not able to manage their sleeve property then how, how they can manage the whole kingdom The young generation are used to having their demands met by their parents and others in authority that in turns make them unprepared for the realities of life young generation are forgotten the discipline they forgotten the respect of laws and orders then how we can think that the young generation is capable to rule
Apart from all that the young generation is not even interested in what is happening in their country they all refused to be socialized , keep starring at their cell phones probably texting someone The other main point our young generation is neglecting their ancestors They don’t have the determination as our elders used to have.

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Chemistry In Daily Life
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Elders are more self-reliant then young generation
The young generation now love luxury hey have bad manners contempt for authority they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Young generation are now tyrants not the servant of household They no longer rise when the elders enter the room The contradict their parents gobble up dainties at the table . cross their legs and tyrannize teachers Now Mr president u tell can this generation is capable to rule the world capable to maintain the discipline in country .and can this new generation will lead us to the path of islam
Thank you

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