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The new generation lacks the ability to govern the world. New Generation is not capable of ruling.

The text states that historical great rulers such as Alexander the Great, Tipu Sultan, Quaid-e-Azam Hitler, Abraham Lincoln, and others possessed certain qualities that allowed them to effectively deal with and handle people. These qualities included not looking down on failure, having a strong sense of responsibility, being open-minded, understanding different perspectives, managing relationships, and networking. However, the text argues that the current young generation lacks these qualities. They are unable to manage even their personal belongings, let alone an entire kingdom. This is due to their reliance on parents and authority figures to meet their demands, which leaves them unprepared for the realities of life. Additionally, they have disregarded discipline and respect for laws and orders. Furthermore, the young generation is disinterested in their country’s affairs and are disconnected from social interactions, as they are constantly focused on their cell phones. Another concern is the neglect of their ancestors and the lack of determination compared to previous generations. The younger generation loves luxury, possesses bad manners, shows contempt for authority, disrespects elders, and prefers idle chatter over exercise.

The younger generation is no longer obedient servants of the household. They no longer show respect by rising when elders enter the room. They defy their parents, eat indulgent food at the table, and even cross their legs. Furthermore, they tyrannize their teachers. Now, Mr. President, can you honestly say that this generation is capable of ruling the world and maintaining discipline within the country? Can this new generation lead us on the path of Islam?

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