Why Do We Waste Food in Our Daily Life?

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Scraping off our dishes after a big meal because we’re too full to finish the leftover food shows that we don’t fully grasp the magnitude of food waste. We don’t realize the damage this causes to both our planet and society, as many people globally are currently experiencing starvation. It’s crucial that we tackle this challenge and find a solution.

In our daily lives, food waste is influenced by various factors. One key factor is the tendency to purchase excess food when we have enough money. Moreover, we often cook more food than necessary for different events, resulting in wastage. Additionally, during parties, it is common to take more food than we can consume and leave a significant amount uneaten on our plates. While this behavior may please us visually, it ignores the harsh reality that many people in other parts of the world suffer from starvation due to lack of food. According to Food Tank’s report, individuals waste more food in a year than their own weight.

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In the US alone, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted annually, which exceeds the total amount consumed in Africa. It is important to prevent wastage and help those who suffer from hunger, despite having enough food resources. Food Tank states that a quarter of global food waste each year could be used to feed the 795 million undernourished individuals or sustain Europe for three months. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the consequences before throwing away any food items. Sadly, malnutrition or starvation results in the tragic loss of 3.1 million children every five years according to the same source.

Food waste has experienced a considerable increase in recent times. If we envision those children as our own relatives or acquaintances, we realize the value and significance of life. There are numerous methods to reduce food wastage. Primarily, it is imperative to consider the less privileged individuals who endure hunger due to limited resources. Therefore, every time we purchase food, let us only acquire what is truly necessary. Furthermore, let us refrain from squandering food by overindulging during different events. Ultimately, when we cultivate compassion towards others, it becomes arduous for us to recklessly waste food.

We should always motivate ourselves to assist those in need by preserving food. By saving a significant amount of money through this practice, we can donate it to various charities or organizations worldwide that prioritize nourishing vulnerable individuals. Our generation is known for its numerous opportunities, and if we continue to waste food, we must take responsibility for future generations. To safeguard our society and planet, it is crucial to stop wasting food.

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