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Sociology and Daily Life

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In studying society a small period of time is not enough. It takes a long time to fully Appreciate what does our society play in our lives and how could we learn more about it. The study of our society is abroad knowledge. Society plays a big role in the development of our selves and we also play an important role in the order and change in our society. Sociology is an important study in our social life.

Sociology gives the answer to our question: who, what, where, when, and how regarding our society.

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Sociology and Daily Life
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Sociology helps us appreciate the role of our society in our lives. In our sociology class I am enlightened of what my society is and how it affected my daily life even it was just a short discussion I appreciate my society and learned more about it. The way the topic was discussed and how it was explained to us was good. I really understand and get the thought of the ideas.

The discussion flows smoothly and the activities were good. I could apply everything I’ve learned in my daily life. The topics were really interesting and they were informative. I think the study of our society will give us the knowledge on how to deal with life. In this way we can see the real side of society not only a small part of life but a huge and influential institution that affect our own lives.  “We as human beings, by nature are social beings.

We can’t say that we are all creations God whom he gave life and what we all have now, we can’t say that the way we act were just gained through our genetic code and were just inherited from our parents, some characteristics were inherited but we can’t say that all is inherited, some is acquired in our society. Our society is such wide playground for us to play so we must know all the rules in order to play safe in playground of us. I have learned many things in this class and I hope the class will be extended. This subject is very interesting.

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