Child Abuse and Precious Mother

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According to data from the national child abuse and neglect Data System at least 12 of every 1,000 children in the U.S were reported abused or neglect. More than 86,000 (96%) of the nearly 1 million children maltreated experienced sexual abuse in 2001. Child sexual abuse can have immediate and long-term effects across a person’s physical cognitive interpersonal, and emotional functioning. Sexual abuse by a family member is a form of incest and results in more serious and long-term psychological trauma especially in the case of parental incest.

Precious a movie that was inspired by the novel “Push” by Sapphire took place in New York City in 1987. An obese ill irate 16-year-old Clarice Precious Jones who lived with her dysfunctional and abusive mother, Precious has been raped by her father Carl numerous of times resulting in two pregnancies. She suffered from long-term physical and mental abuse from her mother. This family received government assistance and survives off these services such as housing assistance and welfare. Precious first born child “Mongo” which was short for Mongoloid who had down syndrome who was being cared for by Precious’ grandmother.

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Mary, Precious’ mother, forced the family to pretend that Mongo lived with her and precious to continue to receive government assistance. Precious discovered that she was pregnant with a second child, by her father, which lead her to be kicked out of school. The principal sensed something was wrong at home and suggested that precious attend an alternative school. The principles hope that this will allow Precious to increase her educational growth and even change her life.

Precious way of escaping her traumatic life is through her imagination and fantasy. Precious imagined herself in another world where she is loved and appreciated. She pictures herself having an actual boyfriend in a wonderful relationship. She imagined herself to be a movie star where everyone is yelling her name. She replied, “I love you too boo!” Precious would get caught in a daze often where her abusive mother will physically or verbally abuse her to get her to snap back into reality.

Inspired by her new teacher Ms. Blue Rain at the alternative school Each One Teach One, Precious learns how to read and write. She learns how to express herself through writing in her journal daily. She builds great relationships with her peers in her class as well as Ms. Rain. Precious seems to be happier in the classroom than at her own home. Precious meets sporadically with a social worker named Ms. Weiss, who learns about incest in the Precious households. Precious intended not to inform Ms Weiss but she felt damn good. She explained to the social worker that she was pregnant with her second child by her father. Months later she gave birth to a baby boy named Abdul. Precious returned home after having baby Abdul. Her mom appeared to be calm and collected when precious arrived home. Mary stared at the baby for a moment and SNAPPED! She deliberately drops three day old Abdul and began to yell and scream at Precious. Mary was highly upset with Precious because she felt as though Precious took “Her Man” which is the Precious father.

Mary expressed to Precious that she lost her government assistance because Precious spoke to a social worker. The argument leads into a physical altercation between Precious and her mother. Precious immediately pick up her baby and leaves her mother’s home. On the way to a safe place, Precious stops and stares into a church window where she sees a choir singing Christmas carols. She began to imagine herself in the choir singing along with her dream boyfriend.

Precious decides to break into her school classroom where her and baby Abdul slept for the night. Ms. Rain immediately find assistance for Precious and her baby in a halfway home where Precious began to raise her son. Her mom came to visit her to inform her Precious that her father died from AIDS. Later on, Precious got tested and discovered that she is HIV positive. Her son does not have the virus. At this point, Precious felt dejected and wanting to give up on life. This film ends with Precious improving her life for herself and her children. Her plan was to complete a GED test and receive her High School Diploma.

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