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What Is Your Most Precious Childhood Memory

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What is your most precious childhood memory? There are several memories from my childhood. There are only a few that are very precious to me. The memories that stick out the most from my childhood, are the time when I played football for the middle school, and we won the Florida state title. Another precious memory I have, is when I was 13, and I hit a homerun to win the game. There was another memory from my childhood that ment a lot to me, and it was when I made an interception for the high school varsity team.

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What Is Your Most Precious Childhood Memory
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I am going to talk about why all these things were so precious to me as a child. When I was in the 8th grade, I played football for the middle school team. That year we had a very good team. One of my most precious memories came from when I played for that team. The precious memory I had, was when we played for the Florida state championship game against Lakeland.

Lakeland had already beat us in the regular season. In the state championship game we redeemed ourselves and beat Lakeland 18-16 to win the title. I also contributed with 18 tackles from my linebacker position.

The reason this was so precious to me, was the fact that they beat us when it didn’t really matter, and we beat them when it did matter. I have a precious memory in my childhood, when I was 13 years old. The reason it is so precious, is because I played little league baseball. The precious memory I have from playing little league baseball, was when I was up to bat in the bottom of the 7th, with two outs. We was down by 2 runs, and we had a runner on first. I got up and I remember I had two strikes on me and two balls.

The next pitch he threw I hit it over the fence, and we won the game, and ended up winning first place for the year. It was precious because I am the one that hit the homerun to win the game. I remember when I played football for the varsity team. There was this one game that stood out to me the most. The reason this one particular game stood out the most, was because I caught an interception, which set up the winning touchdown. It was precious to me, because it was my only interception of my senior year, and we beat one of our most hated rivals.

Another reason it was so precious, was because they put some stuff in the newspaper, that was basically saying, that me and another teammate of mine, was going to have to have a big game to stop there offense. I had a lot of memories from my childhood, but these three memories were most precious to me. Everyone has a lot of childhood memories, but there are always going to be some that stick out to you the most. They usually stick out the most, because they either, help you get somewhere in life, or they really made you feel good about yourself, because you were the one that helped your team or whatever get to where you wanted to be.

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