Child Observation Research Paper General DescriptionCody

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General Description

Buffalo bill is an eight-year-old male child diagnosed with autism. Buffalo bill tends to perseverant on things that are unsafe. He frequently verbalizes “ glass is unsafe, it cuts your oculus, name 211, go to the hospital. ” Cody besides tends to gaze off into infinite and is socially inappropriate.

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Buffalo bill had been placed in badly disabled schoolrooms that consisted of kids with terrible cognitive and physical disablements. Buffalo bill was provided with a one to one adjutant through BCRC.

Presently, Cody is in a new plan designed for kids with autism. The pupil to teacher ratio is two to one. The stimulation in the schoolroom has been reduced to a lower limit to supply an appropriate acquisition environment.

Buffalo bill is non able to place letters or Numberss. It has been reported that Cody had terrible behaviour jobs that became the focal point of his educational ends instead than faculty members. Buffalo bill appears to hold good auditory processing accomplishments and demonstrates this through his ability to go to to narratives that are read to him. He is able to inquire inquiries about the narrative and reply comprehension inquiries. His ocular processing accomplishments seem to be low ; he is non able to follow lines or discriminate forms.

Buffalo bill needs to be taught harmonizing to his larning modes. I believe that Cody should concentrate on faculty members, as his behaviour in this new environment seems to be under control.

Mistake Correction

Incorrect responses are prevented. If it appears that Buffalo bill is traveling to give an wrong response, I will organize the manus mark with my manus over his and do the right sound. If he does do an mistake, I go through same process followed by immediate pattern with in turn faded aid. Buffalo bill requires immediate feedback as he will think without looking. This is noted on the information sheets.


Through observation and treatments with Codys parents, it was determined that Cody enjoys M & A ; M ’ s and listening to narratives. Cody enjoys books ; they are a natural support. His parents want him to larn to read so they are really supportive and reenforce his attempts at place. Cody besides enjoys congratulations. Reinforcement is immediate following the right response. When he gives the right response it is followed with a light touch, verbal congratulations and an M & A ; M. He is rewarded with a narrative daily. Reinforcement is on a fixed agenda.

Environmental Agreement

The environmental agreement is designed to minimise ocular distractions. Materials are placed out of position of the pupils. Few objects are on the walls and the furniture is arranged to specify countries of the room. Buffalo bill works at two different countries in the room in order to advance generalisation. He works with me at a u molded tabular array. We face each other maintaining all other pupils behind him. The accomplishments from the distinct test scene are so reinforced during circle clip, which is located in another portion of the room.


The stuffs used with Cody consist of plastic letters, missive cards and M & A ; M ’ s. The plastic letters used during the distinct test are placed straight in forepart of him. He picks up the missive, identifies it, and makes the manus mark and the right sound. This is instantly rewarded with an M & A ; M. Letter cards are used during circle, nevertheless they are besides placed in forepart of him. Buffalo bill looks at the card, makes the manus mark and the sound. He receives an M & A ; M for the right response.


I began utilizing missive cards with Buffalo bill and he was non able to visually know apart the letters. I adapted this scheme to holding him follow the missive on a big piece of paper, nevertheless this scheme besides proved debatable with his hapless ocular favoritism. This scheme was so adapted to utilizing plastic letters which he can pick up and experience, paired with a manus mark. This has been really successful. After he has learned the missive, I use a missive card and the manus mark during circle and he has been able to generalise the information from the fictile missive to the card.


I believe that I progressed excessively easy and lost his involvement. On October 30th, per your suggestion, I increased the sum of letters and he responded rather good. Initially, I wanted an truth rate of 80 % over seven yearss. Unfortunately, he seemed to lose involvement and his tonss dropped. I will go on to present new letters and sounds when he has a 70 % truth rate two yearss in a row.

The ocular phonics appears to be a successful attack with Cody. No alterations were made in the presentation of the accomplishment. Alterations in the informations aggregation sheet were made on October 8th. The new sheet clearly states the SD, pupil response, prompt degree, and rectification scheme, which helps, maintains consistence throughout the tests.


The accomplishment ab initio was taught in a distinct test method. I drilled Buffalo bill at a tabular array. The accomplishment was so brought to circle. Different staff Teachs during circle clip. This manner Cody was required to bring forth the accomplishment for different people.

The stuffs varied. Fictile letters were ab initio used during the tests ; missive cards were used during the circle clip. The puting varied every bit good. Circle clip occurred in a different country of the room from the test. Buffalo bill besides produced the accomplishment while he was being read to. During a narrative, the staff would indicate to a missive a make the mark and the sound with Cody. I requested that Cody pattern the accomplishment at place nevertheless, I am non certain that his parents followed through.


This experience with Cody was disputing. I am thrilled with the result. An unexpected result from this undertaking was happening that my other pupils picked up the ocular phonics. The full category is now on the acquisition to read train. It is really exciting!

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