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Children and young people’sworkforce Essay

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1.1– Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people.

It is important to work together in partnership with parents, social workers, welfare officers, multi-disciplinary teams and colleagues so everyone can compare notes and information about the child. This allows everyone to gets a clearer profile of the child or young person, and helps them to come up with the appropriate safeguarding plan. Working in partnership can also let professionals gain more experience about certain cases, it can also support effective communication, and for example everyone would be informed about the child so the parent or carer doesn’t have to repeat the situation constantly.

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Children and young people’sworkforce
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This also shows that everyone is aiming to meet the needs of the child or young person.

1.3- Define the characteristics of effective partnership working.

The common characteristics of effective partnership working are when all partners work together to reach their familiar aim, of safeguarding and improving the child’s education and wellbeing.

Effective partnership working also consists of effective communication, which includes exchanging information to other partners and using standard language that every professional can understand. For example no abbreviating different terms, like EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Other characteristic of partnership working is everyone treating each other as equals, respecting and listening to each other’s opinions and worries.

1.4- Identify barriers to partnership working.

Barriers to partnership working could be when a parent refuses to co-operate to professionals such as social workers or police officers. Having disagreements and bias views when dealing with children or young people could also problem difficult when working in partnership. When working in partnership it is important that everyone communicates effective so everyone is on the same page and has the same understanding about what to do next. Another barrier to partnership working is when professionals turns up late or don’t turn up at all, this means that their observations and notes of the child or young person are not present at the meeting so the other professionals would not be able to build a bigger profile of the child; the more information for the best builds a bigger

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