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Chinese Immigration To North America Research

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Chinese Immigration To North America Essay, Research Paper

Chinese Immigration to North America

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Chinese Immigration To North America Research
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This essay will demo how and why the first Chinese immigrants came

to North America, the events that occured in those times, and the

contrast between how the first Chinese Canadians and the Chinese

of today have been treated.

The first immigrants that came from China to Canada began to come

shortly after the American Revolutionary War. There were immigrants

before them, but really, really few. Around 1790, pupils, merchandisers, and

crewmans began to come to America and Hawaii.

However, between 1790 and

1850, merely a few hundred Chinese came to America!

The few immigrants that returned to China around 1848 brought

intelligence of & # 8220 ; The Land Of The Golden Mountains & # 8221 ; to their friends and household.

This was the clip that gold was discovered in California and the Yukon.

Between 1849 ( the twelvemonth of the Gold Rush ) and 1882, 300,000 Chinese had

come to the United States seeking a luck in gold.

They immediatley discovered that it truly wasn & # 8217 ; t what they had

expected. The & # 8220 ; Chinese Exculsion Act & # 8221 ; of 1882 was formed from hatred

for the Chinese immigrants. Called & # 8220 ; coolies & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; scabs & # 8221 ; , the

Chinese would work for about nil because they had no money. They

were despised and treated as slaves.

The Chinese immigrants were forced to populate by themselves in slums

called & # 8220 ; Chinatowns & # 8221 ; ( some of which survive today in big metropoliss including

Vancouver. ) The Chinatowns frequently resembles the back streets in China & # 8217 ; s metropoliss,


ecause the Chinese frequently set up little stores and built their homes

with Chinese architecture in head.

In the 1930 & # 8217 ; s, Franklin Roosevelt passed the & # 8220 ; Major Minorities

Labor Coalition & # 8221 ; which made things far easier for the Chinese Americans.

Thingss remained this manner until 1949. A war had been ramping in China for

37 old ages before this, and alot of the Chinese who had come to America to

do money for their households ( back in China ) wanted to travel place. In

1949, The People & # 8217 ; s Republic Of China was formed under Chinese

Communist regulation.

After these alterations had been made, things began to come together

for the Chinese-Americans who had worked so hard in a new land with a

foreign linguistic communication. In 1962, John F. Kennedy welcomed 15,000 new

immigrants to the United States, because things weren & # 8217 ; t so good in China

with the Communists. But the Chinese in Canada and the United Sates had

it much better. They were accepted by the general population and had

good occupations, because they were willing to work really hard.

Today, Chinese are a portion of the cultural heritage of Canada and the

United States and are credited with assisting construct the state of affairs that we

appreciate today. We have a great criterion of life today, that without

all the aid from non merely Chinese immigrants, but all the hard-working

people that built our state, might non hold been possible.

In decision, the Chinese who foremost immigrated to Canada and the

States endured many adversities and faced prejudism and hatred, but

prevailed, and thrive in Canada today.

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Chinese Immigration To North America Research. (2018, May 23). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/chinese-immigration-to-north-america-essay-research/

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