The Factors That Motivate People to Settle in North America

Although manV will sav the most important factor motivating people to settle in North America was trade others will argue that the freedom of religion and government had an ample effect. Not one person will ever know the actual reason as to what truly motivated these settlers to take the risky journey to the world, but anyone can make an educated guess and or inference to what they believe it may have been. When one says that trade was the main reason for the immigrants coming to the New World others will disagree. Trade was a factor that played a role later in the colonies, but in the initial journey not even the most agile man could prescient the future of this possible trade. The hope for trade was one of the many pull factors to the colonies in months to come; however many of the settlers were anticipating at last the freedom of religion and government much of the later advancements were primarily due to trade in later years however it was not a predominant factor leading the immigrants to this brutal settlement.

Months later the exposure of Tobacco would send the colonies economy sailing. These advancements would aid the colonists in the severe conditions that had been and will later endure. Trade was not always simplistic though; the ships of men sailing these goods to and from the colonies would often encounter pirates, storms, and or other hardships on these extensive excursions. Though trade is not necessarily the primary aspiration of the many settlers it will later become a crucial economic advancement throughout this part of the world While trade played a major part later in the colonies the main cause of the original inspiration to settle in the New World was for the aspired religious freedom and to create a government with the views of the people. These people desired religious freedom and a government of the people so greatly that they left their homes, jobs, and families in England to sail to the New World for a new beginning.

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In 1608 a group of angry pilgrims split apart from the Church of England in search of a place to worship however they pleased. This detachment not only brought other unhappy people to the consideration of the possibilities in the New World it also brought many to there final decision of making the rigorous and grueling journey. In addition to the religious freedom, many people were also in search of a government in which the people could decide. Although in this time the term government was merely just a grain of dust in terms of its creation. The way these colonies came together as one to push through the unyielding obstacles they faced in the first years of their adventure was truly remarkable.

All in all, the views on the most important factor to which the people of England decided to leave everything they owned and traveled to the new world will never be truly known. Some may believe the prominent reason was for trade and others will say it was because of religious freedom and government Either way these many points are important to the way many Americans lead today because without these courageous people who willingly gave up everything to try something new that they believed in. People all over can learn from the Pilgrims and other early immigrants by looking to their hard work and determination to create the lives they saw fit.

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