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Chris Herren is a star and an icon of achievement that America has had. This young man has made remarkable strides in bringing American dream to come true. This is a dream that dictates that every American should not just strive to seek for what the nation can do to them but rather they should bring something to the state. Herren is doing these things through the organization that he has formed as discussed in the paper. However, coming to recognition and an appreciation as to whether Herren is an America Dream or American Tragedy is a matter of discussion. This paper analyzes this dilemma by examining the life of Herren right from high school; and how he has pursued his dream (Reynolds, 90). The paper brings and discusses the bad influence that this young man has had in the country. Hreen has been recorded to be one of the players that have been in constant use of drug for a long time. This paper however depicts Herren as a productive man to the United States of America.

Herren, a young man with a predictable bright future joined Durfee School, which is located in Fall River. The young ambitious gentle man started the journey of his life and everybody who knew him saw light and life in him. Like any bright chap, he passed his final exams, which made him to be recognized among students. This made him to be awarded scholarship at the University of Kentucky and Duke University. It is in the America dream to

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invest into the education of its citizens. Through education, America empowers human resource to come up with a stronger society. This is a nice move to make for any government. This is why the American government invests in the education of young fellows like Herren. Herren was indeed a star that the government had while he was in high school. However, the young man had a different influence from his childhood. Herren was living with his family in Durfee. In Dufree, this family was deeply engrossed in basketball as a game. The culture of this family had influence in the life of Herren. The young man developed strong passion for basketball that he made decisions to follow his passion. One of the key ways through which one becomes self actualized is to follow one’s passion and achieve what one so desire (Elsemann, 54). This pursuit of basketball as career made Herren to overlook and turn down the scholarship offer that he from Duke University and Kentucky and Boston College. Herren seemed to be a disappointment to the desires of the nation, which yearn to have all its citizens educated. Herren seemed to be a disappointed to the government but his choice was yet to bring him to the light of stars. Herren is an icon of faith and an inspiration of pursuit of one’s goals. Fortunately, because his dreams were aligned to the major of Boston College, he joined the college purposely for basketball. His performance were marked by excellence that his name dominated the Rolling Stone and Sports Illustrated of Boston. He worn many trophies and brought pride to the nation. His victories were recognizable achievement that could not be ignored. Everybody was happy with his achievement. However, this recognition and honor did not last for long. Herren apparently fail several drug tests. This is a disappointing episode in Herren’s life. Nobody could admire to associate with his name in spite of his achievement. Drug is a very destructive thing more so cocaine and marijuana whose tests he failed. As a star and an

icon in basketball, this could act as a means of perpetuating drug abuse. This is because people like identifying with stars especially his funs. In the event followers realize that their star is in drugs, chance are that they would start using the same drug that their star is using. This is a bad influence to the American community. This is destructive and this shutters the dreams of the U nited States of America. Having such kind of stars and celebrities in a country who do not honor the rules of the land is not of any benefit but agents of destruction. The law requires none to break the laws. When one is a star but does not honor the constitution, then such a person ceases to be the pride of a nation but rather a burden and a lose to the state. Heroes never give up after a tragedy has befallen them. They rise up again and continue with the pursuit of his desires. After Herren had been suspended from school, he did not just sit back. He never gave up. He sought other means and he decided to dream again to enable his talent to be utilized. The young man joined Fresno State University purposely to join the basketball team and become a star. While playing at Fresno State University, Herren broke his hand: a tragedy that made him to take a period of three years to heal. Immediately after healing Herren was taken for taste to confirm his medical status. Unfortunately, Herren failed another drug test. This was disappointing especially to a star. As an admirable person, he could not be left just to handle himself, rather he was taken to the rehabilitation center where he was taught and helped to overcome the use of drugs. This aspect of accepting a personal weakness is a thing that has killed many people. It takes courage to accept ones’ present condition to adopt a brand new life. This is good for a nation because there are people who are struggling with addiction but cannot open up. Herren is a good example to those who are under the influence of drugs. After the Herren had returned from the rehabilitation centre, he joined the team and he skillfully worn

many trophies. He made his team to be proud of him and the nation esteemed him as an astute player. Recognizing a weakness and accepting intervention measures is a good thing to do in life when one has the intent of changing.

While at the Fesno State University, Herren made remarkable achievements in his basketball career. He excelled well that every club wanted to hire him. In advancing his career, he opted to join NBA Draft. This team selected him because he was an excellent performer. Herren entered Denver Nuggets with 33rd overall pick in the second round. While in the team, he played 70 games of which he helped his team to bring victory home. After he was released by the Celtic, Herren opened up his world and opted to advernse his career further. The young man opted to play for various clubs. He played for teams in Italy, Poland, Iran Turkey, and Turkey. While in these countries, Herren made remarkable achievements in his basketball career that he became an icon in basketball. He became a figure of emulation and an icon of inspiration. Whenever he was playing, thousands of people could throng the coat because of his professionalism in the game. The man was so skillful; and while he was a broad, he maintained his identity like an American without betraying his country. The country was proud of him because of the international face and values he brought to the country (Zapata, and David , 321). Herren comes out to be a man who does not get discouraged in spite of the challenges in life that he has passed through. He does not allow his dark past to blur his vision and the continuous desire to be a star. Herren is one of the key figure that the nation can point at and make a declaration that surely dreams that people often have can actually come to pass.

Herren in real sense, has been related to the abuse of drugs of all kinds. Sometimes, it would be very difficult to celebrate his achievements because it could be true that he was propelled, and motivated by the drugs. It is not possible to relate national pride to a drug addict. Herren had had several felnies directly linked to drug deals. This could be dangerous for the upcoming generations as well as the young people who look up to him as an icon of emulation. Herren has even been charged with the crime of possession of heroin. This act is not acceptable to the state and by the state. While he was advancing his career at NBA for the Boston Celtic, he embarked on the use of painkillers like OxyContin, and Percocet. Herren even became a careless person who could not control his rationality after using drugs. He had been noted driving under the influence of drugs: a thing that made him cause accidents along the city highways (Dell’Orto, 231). This depicted a bad picture of him. He was not a person of a perfect example in spite the excellence of his performance in basketball. This young player was in the verge of destroying himself and destroying the lives of other. He has become a bad example to his funs and a destructive person to humanity. By abusing drugs, he promotes the sale of illegal drugs and by using them openly; he is directly influencing others into the same. This disqualifies him from being in the spheres of the American dream to the tragedy of America. Herren had had series of counseling which were purposed to help him quite drugs and just be a free man sober and rational in thought and in everything, he does. He thus joined an intensive program of recovery, which demands discipline to adhere to the schedule. It is appreciable accoding to the Art Papers( 46) It is good news to here that even those who have been abusing drugs stubbornly can recover from the abuse and be people who can be admired in life. Herren became one of these people who have undergone rehabilitation and made great

strides of change. Since August 2008, Herren has been drug free and he is in a serious move campaigning against the abuse of drugs. He is not ashamed of his past but rather he is categorically telling people the harmful effects of drug abuse and addiction. Other than advancing the mission of drug awareness campaign, Herren desires to share his life and talent with other young people who have passion in basketball. He thus launched the “Hoop Dream with Chris Herren” an organization that trains young basketball players in the court and off the court (Frankfurt, 76). He desires to raise basketball stars in America who can advance the dreams of American as a victorious nation in all industries. Herren has released a documentary giving the detailed account of his life on and off the court. He has talked extensively of his life and the struggles that he has undergone as a person. This documentary has greatly influenced the thought of Americans on drug abuse and addiction. This has propelled him to the table of American admiration. Herren now has something to offer to Americas. He is an asset to the state he is a person of great value to the great nation in spite of his dark past. Life needs people who do not stick to their paste however much dirty they may be (Slone, and Friedman 154). Life is proud of people who desire to change and contribute to the well being of other. Success; real success requires one to leave those who would advance what has been started. This is a good gesture to the Americans. Herren is exactly in the America dream though he started it on a bad note of hurt hacks and great disappointments.


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