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Civil war

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23.) The method that Jefferson employed to bring the judiciary under Republican control was first the repeal of the Judiciary Act of 1801 which would eliminate the judgeships Adams had made. The results of this were that the Judiciary branch ended up becoming equal in power to the legislative and executive branches. Because of the case of Marbury vs. Madison in which Marbury won, power was given to the Supreme Court.

24.) France came into possession of Louisiana by way of signing a secret treaty with Spain called the San Ildefonso in 1800.

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Civil war
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Napoleon wanted to set up a territory in the new world and had dreams of France being glorified there.

26.) The group in America most concerned that the French had New Orleans were the Westerners. It affected Jefferson politically by making him choose between the support of his people by forcing Spain to let the US use the whole Mississippi river which could start an all out war with France or he would lose his following and become dependent on trade through the ocean through the British fleet.

28.) The reasons behind Jefferson’s reservations over the purchase of Louisiana were that they had not yet been authorized by the government to do so, but he was scared Napoleon might withdraw the offer so he proceeded. He reasoned his doubts away by learning that his treaty making powers under the constitution justified the purchase of Louisiana.

30.) The reaction of the New England Federalists to the Louisiana purchase was one of rage. They realized that the more the country grew and the more states which joined the union spread the power away from the federal government and more to the state governments away from the federalist region. Their plan to overcome these effects was to secede from the Union and form a “Northern Confederacy” but Hamilton would not join the idea and with Burr leading it he failed to win the election and it never worked.

31.) The circumstances that led to the duel between Hamilton and Burr were that Burr felt he lost his election because Hamilton had been calling him despicable amongst other terms. Hamilton hated Burr for everything he was and Burr despised Hamilton.

37.) The areas of the Nation that supported the embargo were none. The embargo destroyed the American economy and there were not any people who liked it other than the politicians trying to prevent war. he people who opposed it ranged from merchants to farmers to ship holders to everywhere. They lost huge amounts of money and their businesses plummeted. They felt the act was unconstitutional.

38.) The embargo affected the election of 1808 by having the people turn away from Jefferson where his secretary of state, Madison was elected for President. The response of the new President to the diplomatic problems the embargo had given was that he reopened trade everywhere but France and Britain. Then opened everywhere and then only to France. Britain was hurt economically.

46.) New England opposed the war of 1812 because they had lost many battles in the New England region which embarrassed them. Also, they were dominantly federalist and made fun of the administration of the republicans wherever they could. To hinder the war effort the New England states made a convention where they tried to once again secede from the US, but it failed and made the Federalist party pretty much die out right then and there.

47.) The leaders of New England regarded the War of 1812 as a threat to their future as a meaningful force in the United States because they felt that the republicans were going about it all wrong and would not be able to win the war because they were politically inadequate. The federalist tried to then secede from the United States but could not get the 23 majority at a convention and the federalist party died out.

48.) The Hartford Convention destroyed the federalist party. It tried to create a separate federalist government but in effect because it didn’t, the federalist party died out.

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