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Nationalism v. Sectionalism “Era of Good Feelings”

Missouri Compromise


Words: 1766 (8 pages)

The years following the War of 1812 became known as the “era of good feelings”. During this time you see the expansion of nationalism within the United States. It started mainly in the 1816 shortly before Monroe took office, and lasted until the end of his Presidency in the year of 1824. Before the “era…

The Political Compromises between the North and the South in American History

American History

Missouri Compromise

Words: 1255 (6 pages)

Prior to the 1820’s, the people of the United States had been struggling to find a way to solve their sectional tensions brought on by slavery in the south. The south had always had an economy based on agriculture that could not strive without their uses of slavery. They did not plan on ending slavery…

Origin and Role of the Missouri Compromise

American History

Missouri Compromise

Words: 911 (4 pages)

By 1819, a heated controversy over whether or not Missouri was to be admitted to the Union as a slave state or as a free state was underway. Before Missouri’s admission to the Union, there was an equal balance of free state and slave state senators in the United Sates Senate. If Missouri was to…

The Missouri Compromise in History of America

American History

Missouri Compromise

Words: 594 (3 pages)

The Missouri Compromise is one of the agreements that would eventually lead to the shaping of the United States as it is today. The controversy that has arisen prior, upon and after the institution of the Compromise is based upon the principles of the Constitution and the principles underlying the Declaration of Independence. While the…

Agriculture and Fabric Factories


Missouri Compromise

Words: 600 (3 pages)

Do to the fact that Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin the South was then able to increase its cotton supply sending raw cotton north to be made into fabric. Francis C. Lowell increased the efficiency in the making of fabric by bringing spinning and weaving tools together into one factory. In 1846, Alias Howe…

Frequently Asked Questions about Missouri Compromise

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What was the Missouri Compromise essay?
The Missouri Compromise was written to resolve the conflict between the north and south but it just created more conflict for the future. Through the Missouri Compromise Missouri became a slave state and Maine had became a free state to keep the balance in Congress.
What was the Missouri Compromise in simple terms?
measure worked out between the North and the South and passed by the U.S. Congress that allowed for admission of Missouri as a slave stateslave stateDefinition of slave state 1 : a state of the U.S. in which slavery was legal until the Civil War. 2 : a nation subjected to totalitarian rule.Slave state Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster, Maine as a free state, and made free soilfree soilThe 1848 Free Soil platform openly denounced the institution of slavery, demanding that the federal government "relieve itself of all responsibility for the existence and continuance of slavery" by abolishing slavery in all federal districts and territories. Free Soil Party all western territories north of Missouri's southern border.
What were the 3 main points of the Missouri Compromise?
The Missouri Compromise consisted of three large parts: Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, Maine entered as a free state, and the 36'30” line was established as the dividing line regarding slavery for the remainder of the Louisiana Territory.
Why the Missouri Compromise was necessary?
It was passed in 1820. Why was the Compromise necessary? It was needed because if Missouri became a state then the south would hold majority voting in the south and thus off setting the senate. ... Congress kept the peace by admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state.

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