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Beaver Football Stadium

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    Sports arenas have a tendency to be an electrifying place for all people, no matter the age, race, or gender. Football stadiums, specifically, have some of the craziest fans, which create such a thrilling and upbeat atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Beaver Stadium is home to the Penn State Inanity Lions football team. Beaver Stadium is the best football stadium in the country for many reasons. In general, college football stadiums are usually much more energetic because of the students, but with that being said Beaver Stadium is the wildest arena in the country.

    Beaver Stadium ranks above all other football venues by going above and beyond the criteria. For example, the atmosphere is like no other, you can hear the loud chants and even feel the bleachers shake at times. The “We Are” chants roar across the large stadium of over 100,000 people cheering for their Penn State Inanity Lions. The chants with the cheerleaders and crowd keep the people involved at all times and keep the excitement level high. The seating capacity is very high at 107,000 people, which enhances the venue into an even more electrifying stadium.

    On top of the atmosphere, the stadium is always clean. The seating arrangement works out perfectly so you will be able to easily and clearly see the game from your seats. Concession stands and restrooms are not far and there are a number of them to attend to the large amount of fans. The stadium is rated on high standards to be kept the best football stadium in the country. A football stadium is an area, most of the time an arena or stadium, where football games are played and watched. Though there are a lot of football fields, none are able to compete with Beaver Stadium.

    The broad category brings much more debate as to why Beaver Stadium is the best stadium. But the criteria speak for themselves when illustrating the stadium as number one. Seating capacity shouldn’t be a problem at the best stadium in the world, holding more than 107,000 people. According to Morning Call, “Penn State’s incoming freshman class chased football season tickets swiftly Thursday, selling out its allotment in Just six minutes. ” In the most recent year 21,000 student season tickets were sold in hours over the course of a four-day selling cycle to divide up the grades.

    The dedication of the students to football is unreal, and creates an amazing environment. Compared to other pro stadiums such as Midlife Stadium, which is home to the professional football team of the Giants, the capacity is only around 80,000. The capacity isn’t Just to seat more people, but to allow more fans to see the game, and enjoy everything else, such as the chants and the atmosphere. Even with 107,000 people in the stadium, seeing the game is no problem at all. The bleachers are set up to allow everyone to see the game regardless of where you are sitting.

    The capacity of the stadium alone blows many others away. Many people may value a good football team as having a great tedium. That is not the case, Beaver Stadium has the amazing Inanity Lions football team, but above that the environment is unlike any other. At many stadiums, if the team is doing poorly, the capacity and the liveliness of the stadium may be scarce. But in Beaver Stadium will always be packed, every game. Student section season tickets sold out. The Penn State Faceable group is always piled with messages of students buying or selling tickets to the football games.

    Students are ready to have a good time every home game, and they make the atmosphere invigorating. On top of hat, Beaver Stadium has traditions of students camping out days before the game to get front row seats in student section. The chants are like no other, the sound echoes throughout the entire arena. The stadium is also kept very clean and sanitary before and after the game. Halftime shows are always prepared and ready, and extraordinary every time. For halftime shows they have the majestic Penn State Blue Band come out on the field and get the fans pumped up.

    Something unique on the homecoming game is the alumni Blue Band performs for the fans as well. Of course he halftime show would never be complete without the incredible Inanity Lion. The values that every football fan looks for in a stadium are exemplified in Beaver Stadium. Another criteria used to depict why Beaver Stadium is the best stadium is the atmosphere. People keep explaining that Beaver Stadium’s atmosphere is unlike anything else, and they can’t even describe how amazing it feels.

    That is exactly how it feels; no words can describe how electric the stadium is once the game starts. The student section is packed, all students standing, everyone cheering for their Inanity Lions. Some competitors say Beaver Stadium is the hardest stadium to play in because of the loud and enthusiastic students. “Number one student section” speaks for itself, with its “We Are” chants to the chants from the song zombie nation. The student section will never give up, and will always show up. The student section also gets the rest of the crowd involved as well.

    Periodically “the wave” will start up and successfully flow throughout the entire stadium. The Inanity Lion mascot also makes the atmosphere that much better. The mascot continuously gets the crowd involved ND goes crowd surfing as well. As well as the mascot, Beaver Stadium has the Penn State Cheerleaders and the Lionesses to keep the crowd energize and excited. The atmosphere is unlike any other college stadium or pro stadium, Beaver Stadium is definitely one of a kind. Football fans will agree that these standards are definitely important when entering an arena.

    They understand the sport, and why certain stadiums stand out over others. On top of that comparing Beaver Stadium to other stadiums across the country will enhance how amazing Penn State’s venue is. For example, a Michigan fan may say that their football field is better than Penn State’s, but a rebuttal would be that the atmosphere of Beaver’s student section blows Michigan stadium away. A true football fan wakes up the next morning after a game and realizes they lost their voice from cheering last night.

    That is an ordinary day for Penn State students Sunday morning, after a Saturday home game. Beaver Stadium also has little unique characteristics that make the arena stand out such as the “S” zone. The “S” zone is an area in the student section where an “S” is formed by the dents standing and is clearly visible on the large screen and in pictures. Students are also able to be apart of the “S” zone and continue cheering and enjoying the game along with all the other football fans!

    A football fan who has yet to visit the amazing Beaver Stadium, should truly take time to experience it, and then finally understand why the venue is truly the best football stadium in the country. It may be the fourth largest arena in the world, or the second largest football stadium in America, but Beaver Stadium is the number one football stadium to be apart of. With al the qualities such as the high capacity, the incredible atmosphere, and even the halftime shows, no other arena can top how unique Beaver Stadium is.

    Fans who have been to a game understand how unique and amazing game days are at University Park. As the new era of Penn State football arises, the intensity and dedication of the fans continue to rise. When entering Beaver Stadium, the title of having the “number one student section in the nation,” completely makes sense. No other stadium nor fans produce the same ambiance as Beaver Stadium does. It is currently, and will continue to be, the best football stadium in the country.

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