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Community Counseling – Advocacy Groups

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Community Counseling

     There are several advocacy groups in existence to assist the elderly in most communities.  The challenge many of these groups face is getting the awareness out to the community what services they offer.  Many times it is through open dialogue and observation that an existing counselors and advocacy groups can let clients know what else is available.  Communication through these groups to the community will ensure that the services offered are known about and being utilized.

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Community Counseling – Advocacy Groups
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     Some groups that can assist the elderly in accessing the services available are government agencies, faith organizations, veterans groups, and retirement associations.

  All of these groups currently serve clients who may need the additional services and can initiate the contact with certain groups to render any assistance to their clients.

      Each state’s Health and Human Services maintains a list of services available to the elderly.  These departments are vocal advocates of services needed and will identify groups available to the elderly as needed  New Hampshire DHHS is one example of a state department ready and willing to assist.

  (DHHS).  Every state has their own DHHS.

     There are groups available to assist in finding a job with employers who are hiring elderly associates.  Mature Worker Connection (MWC) is such a group.  (Council on Aging).  Many restaurants look for elderly associates to act as mentors to younger staff members.

     The above is a small sampling of groups or counselors that could be key in expanding the awareness of elderly advocacy groups and what services are available.  These organizations and individuals need to stay informed of community service and actions groups in the area to assist elderly clients as the need is identified.


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Community Counseling – Advocacy Groups. (2016, Sep 11). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/community-counseling-advocacy-groups/

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