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Community empowerment

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Community empowerment

Community empowerment is an all-exclusive term that refers to the accessibility of a group of people to educational, health and other services offered by local, state and federal government for the good of the community. It is usually directed at making the community an influential force in national growth and development. It encompasses education members of  community of basic issues of governance, provision of employment opportunities for the unemployed, amelioration of unstable environmental conditions so that the community can improve its suitability for human habitation.

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Community empowerment
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The community is a basic structure of the nation formed by the congregation of the most fundamental unit-family in a particular well-defined geographical location. Indeed, no government of political system can succeed without considering seriously the empowerment of her citizens.  With this basic structure, the community is the focus of a number of government programs, policies and even non-governmental developmental approaches. Effective programs at targeted at a particular community. This may not be restricted to geographical location as the common denominator may just be age and, similar characteristics.

Having considered the structure of the community, and glimpse of community empowerment, it is important to consider this phenomenon s it relates to community assessment and health promotion.  The Alma Ata Declaration shows clearly the importance of primary health care in health care delivery in the nation; and it also includes the importance of community participation in such programs. Indeed, an intellectually empowered community is limitless; such communities make health programs sound and easier to implement, especially when they are part of decision making procedures on the design of such schemes.

Community empowerment is also a tool for community assessment. It forms a good yardstick for assessing the performance of national and local programs, evaluating their effect on the people and getting the right feedback. Usually, communities that are adequately empowered do better in this regard than others who are not.  It is inevitable in building strong and sustainable community capacity.






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