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The Profile of The Beatles and Its Influence



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    Social networks are famous for featuring well known people on every field. One of the most sought music band on facebook is The Beatles. Their popularity has conquered more and more people all over the world. Their facebook profile already reached more than 650, 000 friends and still counting. This essay pays tribute to The Beatles as further description of their facebook profile is discussed.

                The Beatles is composed of John Lennon, paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. Their music is focused on Rock and Roll and Pop Genres. Their hometown is in Liverpool, Great Britain. The group started conquering the music scene in 1960. John Lennon plays rhythm guitars, Paul Mccartney on bass, Ringo Star on drums and George Harrison on Vocals. They treat each other as brothers that made their group more harmonious and well loved by fans.

                This group is fond of mixing and matching clothes and music genres. They were once popular for their choice of musical genres like psychedelic rocks. They also like several artists like Queen for example. They are also trendsetters when it comes to clothes and hairstyles. The effect of their popularity influenced the social and cultural revolution of the 1960s.

                The Beatles spends most of their day being with each other and exploring different music genres. Their career progresses from time to time because of their willingness to succeed in the music scene. They invest more time practicing and rehearsing songs. Their enthusiasm made them reach tantamount awards and successful album launches.

                In the history of popular music, The Beatles is considered as the most successful band. Their British Invasion in the United States during the 1960s made it to the top because various people patronized their records. They released more than 40 different singles and made songs that top daily hit charts of musical history. Their flaunting success also reached other country and earned more than billions of records in the year 1985.

                The influence of The Beatles is still known up to present when it comes to popular culture. Many bands of today are adopting styles from the said band. The band was place in the number one spot on the list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time in the year 2004. The band’s music is really innovative and provides cultural impact. But then difference in the personalities of band members made them disbanded in 1970. They decided to break up and each member went on solo careers.

                The profile of The Beatles on facebook is considered as on e of the highly patronized social network page. It displays comments and admirations from fans of the bands from all places and ages. Their songs keep on playing from generation to generation because it is one of a kind and has a unique impact to listeners. Facebook serves as an electronic memorabilia of The Beatles and makes avid fans more connected to them despite of the fact that their band does not exist anymore.

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