Compare and Contrast: Discussions Essay

Compare and Contrast: Discussions

1. Men and women, striking differences

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Compare and Contrast: Discussions
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            There are indeed many differences between men and women. Among those which are most evident though would be in terms of how cleanliness and sports are perceived. In terms of cleanliness, men are less capable of locating or noticing signs of such while women in contrast are easily able to see minute specks of dust (Barry 206). Observing this difference firsthand is not difficult to accomplish as it is probably already an integral part of day to day occurrences; men and women often argue over the topic of cleanliness. In addition, sports would be another distinguishing point between men and women. Specifically, men are innately sensitive to happenings or events in the world of sports while women mainly disregard such developments not being worthy of their attention (206). Being associated with the imagery of hunters, it would only be expectable for men to be amused with endeavors requiring superior physique. Hence, men and women are definitely different in how they appreciate and evaluate certain things.

2. Am I neat or messy?

            I am certainly the sloppy sort of person. As described by Britt, sloppy individuals often plan to get a lot of things done while still ending up with a lot of work still unaccomplished (200). In my case, such is indeed true especially for the sort of chores which do not necessarily need to be accomplished at once without facing drastic repercussions. At times, attempting to do such tasks do end at the planning phase, actions never manifest. In my defense though, it is also important to note another point highlighted by Britt: “Sloppy people can’t bear to part with anything; they give loving attention to every detail” (200). I definitely agree with this point, as I feel every object, regardless of whether others already perceive such as trash, may eventually find usefulness and purpose. Thus, instead of calling myself sloppy in a depressed tone as I once did, I would now gleefully and proudly attest that I am a sloppy individual.

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