“Compare and contrast of the tiger and lion” Essay

“Compare and contrast of the tiger and lion”

            Tiger is a family of Felidae and a mammal. It is one of four “big cats” in the Panthera genus. They are the biggest and the mightiest of the living cats and because of these, they are considered as the super predators. Majority of the tigers dwell in grasslands or forests where they can easily find their food that is swifter or more alert. Amongst the big cats, only the tiger (aside from jaguar) is considered as strong swimmer. Tigers are frequently seen bathing in lakes, rivers and ponds. They just hunt by themselves and eat mostly average to large sized herbivores like wild pigs, gaur, water buffalo and deer. Nonetheless, tigers occasionally eat smaller prey but most of the times, they like better the huge and fat prey like gaur, wild water buffalo and samber because these animals give more meat and it will last long for a couple of days.  In addition, they are considered as the heaviest and largest cats world widely. Generally, male tigers weigh up between 440 lb and 700 lb (200 and 320 kg) while the females weigh up between 265 lb and 400 lb (120 kg and 181 kg. A normal sized male tigers are between 2.6 meters and 3.3 meters in length while the female tigers between 2.3 meters and 2.75 meters in length.

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Tigers frequently attack their prey just like other cats are doing, conquering and defeating their prey from any angle by making use of their body’s strength to defeat their prey. Grown up tigers are unaccompanied and ferociously territorial animals. The female tigers may possibly have 20km2 territory compared to male tigers that have 60 to 100 km2 and males are not tolerant of other males inside their areas. Due to males’ violent and hostile nature, territorial clashes are intense and powerful and frequently end up in death of any of the male tigers. In order to distinguish his territory, the male tiger indicates it by means of marking the tress through scattering his urine and anal gland secretions on the trees and also marks trails with feces. The male tigers show a behavior named as flehmen (see “Tiger”. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. September 21, 2006).

            On the other hand, lion is also a family of Felidae and it is one of the four “big cats” in the Panthera genus. It is the second biggest cats after the tiger. The lions are normally identified through their mane and they live approximately 10 to 14 years in the wild while the captives can live for about 20 years. Lions are the only social cats and usually live in a group called as pride. A usual pride may have five to ten adult females, two to three adult males and several numbers of cubs. In day time, lions normally rest in tall grasses, in the open plain, in the forest and some like the limb or fork of a tree. Lions are typically somewhat active during at night and do their hunting session. Lions have very good night vision, and strong senses of hearing and smell. Just like the tigers, lions establish territories and put a mark on boundaries by urinating on trees or bushes. Unlike with tigers, lions have a habit to hunt their prey by groups even though solitary hunting is not uncommon and the female lions do most of the hunting down. Most adult male lions are 2.7 meters to meters long which include a 90 cm tail and weigh up 400 to 5000 lbs while the lionesses are usually smaller than the males. The lion has a powerful body built with remarkable strong forequarters (see “Lion”. New Standard Encyclopedia. Pp. L-256-257, Vol. 10).


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