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“I Am Safer in a Lion’s Den”

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Ferenc “Feri” Schatz was the son of Edmund and Charlotte Schatz. He had a brother and a sister. His brothers name was Bela and his sisters name was Elizabeth Schatz. He was born in Budapest, Hungary. In 1994 when the Nazis invaded his town they took him, his brother, his sister, and his parents to a death camp but on there way there a bombing was going on and everyone dove into the corn rows. When everyone else got up he stayed down and the Nazis took his entire family away.

Then he went back to Budapest and managed to get some money off one of his friends and got some new clothes.

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Later he was walking down the street and he heard some one yelling out his name and when he turned around he saw his Brother-in-law and also named Bela. Bela told Feri that he was part of the Underground and that if he needed a place to stay then he could stay with him and help out in the underground.

So Feri did he helped out by taking Jews to safe-houses and ones who were already at a hiding spot he would take them a I’d and all the papers they would need. He would also take them meals and clothes he did this for a bout one year. During that time he had got a job and an apartment.

He worked in a bomb manufacturing plant where he would tamper with bombs and timers every now and then so they did not work properly. When he ran out of papers to make fake I’ds for people he went to another member of the underground and she was talking to him but he was trying to hurry up and go because he had a felling that something bad was going to happen.

Then once he left and turned a block the Nazi soldiers came in and shot every one in the building all he could think was that he avoided death. Then one other night he was out with his friends from the underground later than normal he always was home by 5 P.M. because anyone caught out after curfew would be shot on sight.

While the curfew was at 6 P. M. and he had gotten home at 6:30 and he saw rubble where his apartment was at so when he got there his neighbor told him that the apartment had caught fire at 5:30. All he could think is that if he would not have been late that day then he would have died. The about one week after that a Nazi solider stopped him ad told him he was being taken in for questions so he ran away till he got to his brother-in-laws house where he got a new I’d and started to live yet another new life while still working in the underground.

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