Compare and Contrast the Education System in China with Uk

Brunette Compare and contrast the education system in China with UK We all know China has a long history about their education system while the UK has their own completed education system which is advanced around the world. Here I will compare and contrast the education system in these two countries. By law in the ASK, all children between 5-16 years of age must receive a full-time education. It can last 11 years. In contrast, 9 years of education is technically compulsory for all Chinese students .

However, the majority of these children, both In China and in UK ,choose to attend state school in their countries. As for the school year, there also exist some differences. In the UK, the school year runs from September to July and is usually divided into 3 terms . Whereas in China always divide into 2 terms. Each term has around 5 months and is usually ended with the summer/ winter vacations, Students in UK attend school from about 9. AMA to 3. Pm with a morning break and a break for lunch at the school ,whereas in China, they usually have their classes earlier around 8. Am and they don’t have their time for break until the midday. At that time, they go home for their lunch and get a nap. The primary schools in UK and in China are similar in that they last 6 years. Most children In England go to primary school from the age of 5 to 1 1, on the other hand, children in China start their primary school at the age of 7. Both the Chinese schools and the British schools are co-educational and follow the National Curriculum. In I-J, Students In Welsh and Northern Ireland, the curriculum includes their native languages.

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In the same way, some ethnic minorities in China have to study their own languages in local schools. After the six years primary school, both the Chinese children and the British children moved to the secondary school which teach children of varying abilities. At the end of the secondary school year. Both the students In the UK and In China will finish their compulsory education and take exams to decide whether they will continue their educations. In china ,most students who pass the exams will choose go to the high school to get further education. In the same way, students in the UK will remain in education at schools.

However ,the Chinese students are deferent from the British students In that they have to get the high marks in the entrance exam for the college. Otherwise, they cannot go to the college for education even though they have good results during the whole time in high school. From the comparison of the two countries in terms of the educational system. We can exam in the first place. Nevertheless the Chinese exam play a role in Chinese education system. It can hardly be denied that schooling in China make students more competitive. 504 words YOU LIE Carol

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