Explain three different approaches to health education Compare and Contrast

Table of Content

P1: explain three different approaches to health education.

P2: explain two models of behaviour changes that have been used in recent national health education campaigns.

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M1: compare three different approaches to health education.

Health education authorities use different approaches to promote health education. They use different ways such as social marketing like posters on busses and the marketing is based on the focusing on what people need help with and how to help them to stop their habits and also to help them know about the risks that they are putting themselves, in order to promote the health education criteria the authorities joined forces with big organisation like big super market managers and use the media networks in order to be able to pass information to the public of the illness and harm that can be caused and the risks that they can prevent by keeping safe and introducing a safer way of prevention. And indeed for all these to be possible the authorities needed the support of the public and so they use social-economic to get the public involved and participate in the promotion of a local organisation and network for them but only by attaining the right training.

However I will only be explaining three different approaches to Health Education-: Change 4 Life, Jaime Oliver’s school dinners and NHS.

P1: Change 4 life-: Eat well-Move more-live longer Change 4 life is part of the governments backed campaign website for children and grownups to navigate their way through easily, there are hyperlinks such as Dance 4 life, Walk for life, Small steps 4 life, Start 4 life which makes it easy to link with information that people might need to help them keep health or active. The hyperlinks also takes you to a page of your choice and there are information for how to keep healthy in a sense of what to eat, activities you can do to keep healthy and what you can do to keep a healthy way of life it also give the simplest was of how do all these things. The website offers a fun way for keep healthy and exercising, it has a action pack that helps people and give them ideas to start their activity they also have a pack for individuals and families, you can plan your walk using an interactive map on the computer it also includes quotes that make us think about our health like “The way we live nowadays means a lot of us, including our kids, have fallen into unhelpful habits.

This means all of us need to make small changes to eat well, move more, and live longer” .The government paid famous people such as Diversity to promote part of their agenda like exercise where Diversity did a dance with some kids whilst travelling around Britain on buses with change 4 life posters on them. Change 4 life not only uses the web for its promotion of health eating and activities but also advertises by the use of animation on television that attracts the attention on kids and adults.

Jaime Oliver’s school dinners-: Jaime Oliver school dinners is a part of the approach to health education in schools in order to persuade people to eat healthy to prevent ill heath starting at the educational institutions and also putting food education back on the school curriculum where students are thought to cook healthy food . Jaime olive has a website that offers recipes to people who are interested in giving their children and themselves health food and also information to provide foods at school and packs launch to eat. The website also has a place where people can chat about the progress they are making with the recipes the have been using. Jaime Oliver has a quote on the website that makes people want to give their children the healthy eating they need. “More should be done to spread the message that eating a healthy school meal is a great foundation for a kid’s education and future health”. He also uses adverts to show that cooking healthy food can be delicious and with �5 you can get the ingredients needed to prepare a delicious healthy food for you and your whole family and travels to schools Britain to spread his message across. He also travels around the world and he has been interviewed on television on the progress that he has been making with his promotion of healthy eating.

NHS-: The NHS was founded at a time when Britain saw health care as key importance to one of the “five giants” during post-war reconstruction. (Want, disease, squalor, ignorance, idleness) The tragedy of the war provided chance for the NHS to be founded but it could not have been founded if it was not for the war. The NHS has been around since the 19 century and now it has been modernised and improved by the government. The NHS has been expanded to the extent that it provides community care and treatment for elderly people who are suffering from mental illness, chronic illness and learning disabilities they also offer public heath which includes the promotion of health, the prevention of diseases and the treatment of illnesses. In order for the NHS to provide health advice they have joined forces with order organizations in the health sector. The NHS has a website that gives an easier and faster way of giving advice and information and diagnoses people about their illnesses they might have and they also provide people with free health care and give advice to people who need it. They also give out leaflets on any issue of health by running a stop smoking clinic that offers patches to people to help them stop smoking.

P2: Models of behaviour change-: A lot of things today have changed in this generation from how thing used to be which is due to the change in gender role, social classes, race, ethnicity, income, self-efficiency and lots more. Example of model behaviours are Binge drinking and obesity amongst children and young people.

Binge drinking-: Binge drinking is bad for our health and Britain is one of the known countries to binge drink especially with teenager but mostly among women. It has now become a matter of media, social and political issue. In the past it was the drinking of large amount of alcohol at once that was considered a mans thing and was seen as normal behaviour between them, however in the past women did not go out at night time to binge drink they stayed at home to look after their children whilst the men went to work then to the bar after work with their friends to drink before going to their wife to eat what they have prepared, but the main focus of binge drinking today is women and young people. However in this generation the role of women has change where they have the same right as men and they also go to the clubs to drink before getting home and whilst at the club they take on binge drinking.

Women in the 1970’s and the 80’s consumed alcohol to escape the domestic role and in the 1990’s young girls drank in order to ‘keep up with the boys’ and be one of the men but whilst playing the game of keeping up with the boys and ‘misery drinking’ to escape domestic role people fail to see the health and criminal issues it is causing them so the government came up with a adverts to stop people from binge drinking e.g. like anti binge drinking, teenage binge drinking and binge drinking girls night out where the boy and girl before going out dress like how they would look after they get back from their night out and at the end of the advert it is written ” You wouldn’t start your night like this so why end it that way?” however the most affective advert is teenage binge drinking because it shows the dangers of binge drinking not only internally but physically as well. The government also come up with ASBO to tackle the alcohol related crimes. Binge drinking leads back to the NHS because People who are binge drinking to a dangerous extent have to go to the NHS to have their stomach pumped for them and also the drink in shops are cheap and they do sales like buy one get one free which does not help the campaign.

Obesity -: Britain is known as the second obese country in the world due to the increase in obesity. Obesity is a growing health problem in Britain with risk factor of coursing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, and certain cancers. In the past parents allow their children out to play so they were able to the exercises however things have changed where children who played outside after school were being kidnapped so in fear of this parents did not allow their children outside or to walk to school they preferred to drive them to school to ensure their safety, and after school they stayed indoors playing computer games and watching a television with five channels but they went to bed early because the children programs ended at 6:30 pm.

However today there are a lot of channels on telly and programs as so this encourages children and even adult themselves to watch telly and they preferred to watch in the comfort of their home then go out for a walk. Another thing that leads to this was because of the change in the gender role of women they are not able to get home in time from work to prepare dinner for the children so instead the mother leaves money for the children to get fast food and eat. Obesity leads to the change 4 life adverts and websites because the encourage people especially parents to take care of their children heath to reduce their chances of obesity by introducing fun ways of keeping active like getting diversity to street dance around schools in Britain.

M1: Compare the different approaches to health education -: some approaches to health education might have been influence by socioeconomic factor.

Obesity-: obesity in relation to socioeconomic factor is the income and occupations of people because fast foods are cheaper than getting healthy foods to cook and also because of the cost of school lunches at schools parents pass junk foods through fence to sell to the children in the school children it can also be due to the fact that because of social class they access to leisure activities varies. There has also been a decrease in physical activities and an increase in sedentary activities this is mostly due to time spent watching television, playing video games where children are seated for a long time making their energy very low.

Binge drinking-: Socioeconomic influence binge drinking by the use of pear pressure and influenced drinking, people might join there friends who are binge drinking because they don’t want to feel left out or their friend might pressure them to join them and because they don’t want to by caste out of the group the conform to binge drinking. The cheap pricing of dinks in shops also encourages and attracts young and aggressive drinkers. Even though binge drinking is dangerous internally, externally, physically and criminally it is socially acceptable because young people who go out with friends at night or any time of the day are expected to binge drink and get drunk.

Stop smoking-: the socioeconomic factor that might influence the ability of the NHS might be the amount of information that is available of the websites for the public to access. The influence can also be the changes in the accident patterns that which might appear that some patients might be treated 4 hour after they arrive at the NHS and also the money that is spent every year and the amount that is lost every year. The NHS socioeconomic factors that influence smoking is that people think that smoking helps them to come down when they are stress are depressed this is more likely to happen with single parents who work long hours to look after their children and minimum paid workers. Pear pressure is one of the factors of socioeconomic because people might feel that they need to smoke to get away from the troubles because their friends are or they might think that if they do not smoke with the group that they are with the might be caste out of that particular group so the yield to the group pressure.

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